May 3rd, 2014

sad falcon eyes

What kind of 3D/CGI program makes this kind of imagery?

Just started watching Orphan Black and really love the opening credits. Curious about how images like that are made. Is it something like Cinema 4D or Aftereffects or I really don't know how this stuff is made?

Not gonna copy it or anything but I would love to learn the process :P

Link to opening credits:

Also I haven't been here in like 6 months so please tell me if I did something wrong.

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what is the weirdest combination of food that you like, that others might think is weird?

for me it's taking very thinly sliced beef, spreading cream cheese on it, and rolling up a kosher dill pickle with it.
i say

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I had my first experience with one of those wacky new 3D TVs recently, and I was just wondering...

Are they SUPPOSED to make the everything look like crappy publicly-funded Canadian Television/bad CGI?

We played with the settings forever and no matter what we did everything just looked fake and weird.

DK/DC: Weirdest place you've ever slept?

TV shows

I really need to stop watching such crappy TV shows that I end up hate-watching because I just can't quit them.

What are your favorite shows currently on TV that I could catch up on with Netflix? No HBO or Showtime shows please.