May 2nd, 2014

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So the other day I kind of impulse purchased some nice olive oil. Now I feel obligated to properly cook something with it. Trying to figure out what I'd like to cook....what kind of dish does TQC think I should make?

Yukon gold potatoes

If you were cooking, what kinda veggies would you be liable to throw into the food?

Carmelized Onions
Bell Peppers
Summer Squash
Butternut Squash
Other (Specify)

Missed opportunity, or misread scenario?

Last night, one of my good friends and I were talking about our 20s and how different it'd be if we could be the people now in our 20something bodies, in particular, the renaissance faire. We both worked it for many years. We were both a little shy, and I in particular was reserved due to...issues. This thread of nostalgia led right into the opportunities we missed because of our inability to make moves. We'd laugh about awkward moments on our behalf, how our timidness tended to control us more than we liked, because the faire was a place where rampant sex was available. Hell, I used to work in a pagan booth that had orgies every night, but choose to leave once my shift ended because there were a couple of gay guys in that booth who looked to recruit straight guys, and more older, horny women than I was comfortable with, even though there were some attractive younger women. I felt the cons outweighed the pros, and didn't even linger around once to see what might happen. Not that I would have engaged in anything, but it would have been interesting to know what actually did happen in the booth at night, instead of turning tail and bolting. Being comfortable was a key factor in any sexual scenario back then. Ah, youth.

As my friend and I were listing the opportunities, he mentioned Rosie. "Rosie? Why would you mention her?" "Because I think she was looking". We got into this debate, one that I bring to this community. This is a long post that will remain behind a cut because why the hell would most of you care? There is sexuality in this post Collapse )

Cell Phone Etiquette

If someone calls or texts a cell phone late at night and the resulting noise wakes up the receiver, who is responsible: the caller for not paying attention to the time, or the receiver for failing to set their phone to silent?

What about if the call/text is during the daytime, but it interrupts the receiver at work or during a nap?

(Inspired by how my friend keeps berating me for contacting her when she's napping but refuses to set her phone on silent "in case something important happens." I never know when she is napping, and not only do text/calls wake her up, she apparently has noise alerts on her phone for email and Facebook messages as well! ETA: I don't call/text her at night . . . but it seems reasonable I should at least be able to email her then?).
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Is there something you've eaten your entire life, and think is delicious, that you're fairly sure would gross you out if you hadn't been eating it your entire life?

For example, my mom made this stuff called salmon spread, which is just an 8 oz tin of salmon thrown in a blender with a brick of cream cheese (and eaten on toast with lettuce). It is the most delicious thing ever but I think the concept would gross me out if I hadn't been eating it since before I had teeth.
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I have 4 medium sized apples that are too mushy for my taste. Any recipes for baked goods that I could put them in? I was hoping muffins or cookies, if possible, but I'll take anything! I think they're too soft for pie, though..
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Book Recs

I'm hoping for some book reccomendations! I like:

- Apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic
- The 1960s
- Mysteries

I'd like to avoid:

- Young Adult novels
- Vampires or werewolves
- Biographies

Feel free to reccommend anything not on my likes/avoid lists. Any recs for me, tqc? *Holds out a tray of biccies*
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When you hear a song for the first time, do you tend to respond more to the tune or the lyrics? Are there any songs that you really like, but that you try not to listen to the lyrics too closely of, because you know they slightly spoil the song? Do you have any songs that you associate with specific people in your life (not specific times in your life, I know everyone has those). Do you have a favourite song of all time? Has it surpassed a previous favourite?
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you are your SO are going on vacation with another couple. the place you are staying has two bedrooms: one with a queen and one with two single beds. how do you decide who gets the bigger bedroom with one bed?