April 30th, 2014


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What do you think of a landlord giving their bank account number to their tenant and asking their tenant to deposit their rent check into their (the landlord's) bank account?  Is this semi-common?

Inspired by a friend's facebook post talking about how her landlord did just that.


Quiet, you.

What's a nice but firm way to ask people to keep quiet about a birthday invitation because not everyone in the class will be invited? We're inviting 5 kids. One of the mothers has a big mouth. We want to avoid hurt feelings.

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I received two job offers this week. Both put me on their rotas.
Obviously, I now need to decline one. I'm a total wimp, how do I word the e-mail?

I manned up. How much responsibility do you have in your job? Do you enjoy it? Do you believe you should do a job that pays the bills and just live for the weekend?
Clem & Joely

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Lame-o question, but there's this website where you can get book/movie/music recommendations. It asks you 3 titles that you like and makes the suggestions based on that, mostly... Does anyone know what the website is?

Found it: gnod
Billie Piper and David Tennent

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So I am hanging out at home alone, and for some reason I got really afraid, so I went to the front door to check it was locked, and just as I got there, someone hammered on it.

I am shaking so bad.

It's just the landlord, checking for a leak from our bathroom.

When was the last time you got stupidly frightened over nothing?
The X-Files - Scully

Comedy tv-shows

Can you recommend some funny comedy tv-shows?

I love Modern Family, Chuck and Arrested Development. I've tried New Girl and Parks and Recreation but didn't like them all that much.
Chandler & The Drill

Random attraction stuff

Have you ever suddenly been attracted to someone who was previously just someone you knew, because of something they did?

I can't think how to word this properly, but I suppose what I mean is: have you ever known someone who isn't remotely your type, and not really that good-looking, but then they do some tiny thing and suddenly your whole perspective shifts and you're attracted to them?