April 29th, 2014

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Say there are two coffee shops next to each other, and you have never been to either before. You want a coffee, but you notice one is full of customers while the other is empty. Which one do you go to, and why?

Don't drink coffee, substitute some other menu item.

Don't know/don't care: would you rather be able to talk to your future self or your inspirations from the past?
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Brain help please...

What is that wiki-like site where people who've posted ridiculous shit will live forever in infamy? Encyclopedia Dramatica

Okay, that's boring.-- Does anyone here live with chronic pain? How has it effected your life? Has it effected your ability to work, go to school, have children, be in a relationship, live independently, etc.? Anyone else worry too much about how they're going to get their meds when the zombie apocalypse strikes?