April 26th, 2014


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So, back on April 18th I ordered a used book through Amazon, and the seller sent me tracking info. All of it shows the package in Georgia, where the seller is, or New Jersey, where I am, except for this line:

January 16, 2014, 12:57 pm, Coppell TX US      Package arrived at a carrier facility

So, TQC, tell me, Why is my book time traveling and teleporting?

It is SF but its not a Doctor Who book.

Nonsrs please, I know its just a glitch.

DK/DC: What's the last word you were surprised your spell check didn't know?

Mine doesn't know teleporting or teleport.

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What kind of cake should I make for my roommate's graduation next weekend? She is graduating with an MFA in theatre. She likes pretty much everything except for coffee and fake cherry. She loves raspberries and marshmallows For her birthday, I made a champagne cake with raspberry mousse filling and chocolate Italian buttercream. Help!

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do you ever take naps? how often? how long are they usually? how long does it take you to fall asleep during the day, and how does that differ (if at all) from how long it usually takes you to fall asleep at night??

dk/dc: how long do you think it takes you to fall asleep at night on average? do you ever have trouble falling asleep? if so, how often, and how long do you usually end up tossing and turning?

brought to you by an impending nap... I hope. and by my terrible inability to take naps, or fall asleep generally. and by the letter 3 and the number J.
John Cena

Worst wedding

TQC, what is the worst wedding you've ever been to? Why was it so awful?

This question is inspired by the fact that today has been awful! My fiancé is the best man for the groom. I only know the groom from ten years ago and my fiancé - I was sat at the furtherest corner and the room was so packed I couldn't even see my fiancé from where I was sat. Then the food was buffet style, table by table. My table was called 50 minutes after the head table and there was no food left - I got a slice of cold beef.

I gave up at 9.30 - I've spent 7 hours smiling and making small talk with strangers. I was so hungry! The groom and his family found out that I was in our hotel room because I'm sick and hungry, and they sent some food up with massive apologies, so there's that.

Today has been one big lesson in how I don't want our wedding to be. Each to their own and that.