April 25th, 2014


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So my cat, one of many and the first in the 5 years I've lived here, escaped out the dog door last night. She came back a few hours later, but I like to keep my cats indoors because I live near a busy street. I've been googling trying to find the best preventative measure. A lot of people recommend either shutting the dog door off completely and letting the dogs out manually (not gonna happen) or using expensive mechanisms that use collars (also not gonna happen).

What's an affordable way to keep my cat from going out of the dog door? I already found this (it's inaudible to dogs and humans) which seems like my best option right now, so I'm looking for things that may be similar to this (not a collar, won't affect the dogs, inexpensive, doesn't need to be operated by me manually).
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I'm doing a project for fun where I'm cooking recipes from around the world. So far I have done Afghanistan and have started Albania. My problem is that most of the recipes I've done are from cookbooks. I want to blog about what I've done, etc. Can I post the recipes form the cookbooks I've done? Or is that total copyright violation? How much can I post from the book? Any suggestions, ideas, tips, etc. are much appreciated. I'm cross-posting this to my own journal and to a cooking community here on LJ as well.

What's your favorite non-American cuisine cookbook?

Any plans for the weekend?
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Archive an old LJ?

I really want to archive my old lj by either 1) making every entry private, or, 2) downloading an archive and deleting it. I'd prefer to do the latter, but at this point I'm desperate.

I remember that a few years ago, there were tons of clients that were able to do this. I remember both an app to download all lj entries, as well as clients like Semagic that made mass-editing really easy. I've looked around and cannot seem to find any of them.

I have tried exporting my journal entries to Wordpress but it only exported about 50 entries (out of thousands).

It looks like the only option would be to manually change all of my entries to private via livejournal.com; I would prefer not to do this because it would be so, so time consuming.

Anyone done this successfully or know how I can? Are there any lj desktop clients around still?

DK/DC -- How long have you been on livejournal and why are you still here?

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Are you a hypochondriac in any way?

Do you ever notice irregular heart beats while sitting calmly? Does it freak you out? It freaks me out how many people have "underlying heart conditions" and they do not know and just end up dropping dead.
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WWYD traffic question:

On my morning commute, there is a stop sign at which I turn right. The road I am turning onto immediately forks, and I need to be on the left fork. There is only one lane on the road I'm turning from, however there is room for two lanes. Given that there is no second lane, I've been staying on the right and cutting across the right fork to get to the left fork (I am the red car in the diagram below, though I don't follow the trajectory I have drawn). Many mornings, people will stop to the left of where I am (where the blue car is), forming another lane, to turn onto the left fork. I have almost gotten hit from people doing this because they assume I'm turning onto the right fork. I reiterate, there is only one lane designated here, though there is room for two. Now that I've almost gotten into an accident, if there's a left lane already formed, I stay in that, but when I arrive at it and no one else is there yet, I tend to stay to the right anyway, since legally that seems to be what I should do.

What would you do when you arrive at this intersection if you were me? Should I just suck it up and stay in the left lane always, even though legally there isn't a left lane? They should totally paint two lanes here, y/n?

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Have you ever thought that maybe Copper was a bit of an asshole and that the Tod was way too nice to him and that even after jumping in at the zero hour to save Tod's life, Copper remains a bit of an asshole?
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Apartment Living

Hypothetically speaking, let's say you're going to be renting an apartment. There are two available to choose from. A corner unit at the end of the hall or one sandwiched between two others. Which do you choose?

Inspired by my apartment and the fact that I'm in a corner end unit. I literally only share two walls with my neigbours (an older couple.) One in my living room and the other in my bathroom. I wouldn't have it any other way. I never ever hear them except for when they are coming or going in or out of their apartment. My building is also probably 95% full of people over 50 so noise level is very, very minimal.