April 23rd, 2014


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To those of you who have been to Tennessee (or live there?) can you recommend any awesome things to do there? Notable restaurants/music venues/bands to see, cool city stuff, views or naturey things to do... Any other random fun things?

wish lists

whats on your current wishlist? im trying to build up my amazon wishlist in preparation of gift-giving events and i need ideas on stuff to want.

assume money is no object and youre going on vacation to disney world for a week. where would you stay, where would you eat, etc. whats your dream disney vacation?

dk/dc - what food is best at parties but youd never make it yourself?

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I was supposed to meet up with some friends at a restaurant close to where I work as soon as I got off work today. However, they just contacted me and said they can't get there until an hour and a half after my work ends. I can't linger around the office because it's a slow day and I don't really have anything to do (and frankly no interest in sticking around), but it wouldn't be worth driving all the way home and back in rush hour traffic, either. I have no particular need to buy anything and I probably shouldn't eat or drink or I'll be too full for dinner. I don't have any snazzy electronic devices to play on (just a standard dumphone), though I do have a book. Where can I go and what can I do for ~1.5 hours until dinner?

Srs and nonsrs answers welcome; nonsrs answers encouraged.

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What are you reading right now? What book did you read previous and what books do you own waiting to be read? Where is your favourite place to read?

I'm reading The Neverending Story as I hadn't before and it's my husbands favourite childhood book (mine was The Last Unicorn).  I just finished 'Among Others' two days ago.

Hate books/bored of this question: Will you tell us about your day?

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Does anyone know of a website/app/etc. that will find other songs/artists similar to a specific mp3 that I can upload?

Lately everything that I type into Pandora isn't recognized. I was wondering if there is a music finder that could find other music based on the sound of music that I provide it with.

Scabby spot on head

I have a scabby spot on my head (spot as in area rather than zit), I'm currently using Nizoral shampoo on it. I had dry skin, I scratched it, skin came off and scabbed over. Only thing is I kept on picking at the scab. It seems healed over now, but the skin is still a different texture to the surrounding scalp. I also have hair stubble where hair is growing back in the spot, I ended up with a tiny bald patch due to hair coming out as well when I picked at the scab.

Anyways, can anyone think of any other ways I can improve the condition of my scalp?