April 22nd, 2014

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It's said that the government allows 1 mouse hair for every 100 grams in your peanut butter. Too much trouble to remove it or something. There's like 15 grams in a tablespoon of peanut butter. You can see how, potentially, the threat of rodent hair consumption could be sizable if you eat a jar of peanut butter. How many mouse hairs are you ok with eating for every 100 grams?

1 mouse hair is fine. It hasn't bothered me thus far
Absolutely zero. I demand they remove every last one. I'm a princess

If you're a princess, how many legs does your pony have?

4 legs

After two questions, you still haven't denied you're a princess. How many gems in your tiara, your highness?

Fifty nine
I'm not a princess. I like mouse hairs in my peanut butter

I think we've all learned a valuable, surprising fact about TQC today. This community is full of royalty and people who dine on mouse castoffs. Why are only princesses and rodent hair eaters so curious and asking all the questions?

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TQC, I'm feeling really stuck. I'm trying to practice driving to get my drivers license (I'm 26, I'm super late) but I have a night job from 3-11 and finding anyone to take me out to practice is impossible. I've been using a driving school, but they charge $85 an hour, and everyone I know works days. The person would literally just have to sit in the car with me while I drive. I have a permit, but it's against the law for me to drive by myself. Would it be totally an awful idea to put an ad on Craigslist or something and ask there? And/or could I ask my coworkers, who have the same hours as me? Would that be weird?


I noticed today that someone I used to work (with but never talk to) unfriended me on Facebook, and for a split second I felt insulted. LOL, not the reaction I expected considering I never talk to them! How do you feel when someone unfriends you on Facebook?

Coke can

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What's the hardest thing you've ever done to raise money for charity?
What was the charity?

I drink a ridiculous amount of fizzy drinks currently and so initially when the RNLI challenge popped up on my facebook feed, I thought it was mocking me. I NEVER drink water. To drink only water for 2 weeks? That's a form of torture for me.
So I signed up.

I have no idea how to prepare for this kind of challenge. I know marathon runners start running beforehand. Maybe I should start drinking less coke each day? Any advice?

Contraception implant question

For anyone who has had the implant I have two questions:

1) Did it stop your period?

2) Did it hurt to have it inserted?

I'm currently on Ovranette and hadn't had a period for several months. Anyway, I went to Pax East in Boston (to attend Mass Effect Cast Cosplay event) from Ireland and during my stay my period made an appearance. I can only assume it might be one of those pills you have to take at the same time every day (I take it in the morning) and the time zone difference meant a chance in how long it was between taking the pill at home in Ireland and on the morning of my first full day in Boston. Does my theory sound legit?

What's the weirdest thing your mother has ever done to you? For me it was when she approached me and told me 'let me sniff under your arms to see if you need a shower'

Any idea on how to get rid of the tiles display on Windows 8? It drives me up the wall when my computer randomly opens it when I'm doing something else on the computer. By tiles I mean the display that looks like a tablet interface
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Do you get unreasonably attached to insignificant things?
I just released the frog i posted about last night back into the wild. I shouldn't be this worried about a frog!

DK/DC: If I go to a restaurant near you around lunchtime and ask for "tea," what will I get? Iced or hot? Sweet or unsweet?