April 21st, 2014

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Which do you find more abhorrent: someone who neglects to spay or neuter a pet as well as not keeping it in a proper enclosure so that it easily escapes and reproduces, or someone who ignorantly breeds dogs so that they can make money off of the "designer" puppies?

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The other day, in a comment here, I saw a picture of an ad for The Fault In Our Stars with a light burnt out. Can someone please link me back to it?

Also, so this is more relevant- please tell me your feelings on this book?
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Website Building Question

I'm looking to launch a personal website and I need your help, TQC!

  1. I know a little bit of coding & design, but not enough to build a website from scratch.

  2. My budget is $70/year or less for hosting.

  3. I would like a host that will allow me to feed in my Wordpress blog (but the Wordpress upgrade is way too expensive).

  4. I've looked at both Weebly and Flavors.me, but I don't think they can do the things I need it to.

Any suggestions?

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Inspired by my increasing aggravation at that awful, disproportionally loud startup sound newfangled TVs make, what is an everyday concept or object whose purpose you don't understand?

Is there anything super obvious or well-known that took you a long time to figure out or find out about?

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We've just started watching Homeland, so this is a hypothetical based on that.

If you were missing, presumed dead, for eight years and, in that time, your long-term monogamous SO started sleeping with someone else (but broke it off as soon as she/he found out you were alive), what would be the proper time frame after your miraculous return in which you would expect him/her to tell you about the other guy/lady?


If your SO was missing, presumed dead, for eight years and you'd finally started to be able to move on, and then your SO suddenly returned, how long would you wait before telling him/her that you'd started a relationship with someone else while they were gone?

I mean, I feel like dropping it on them right away ("Welcome home, honey! I'm so glad you're alive and safe! I've been sleeping with your best friend!") probably wouldn't be the best plan, but I can't help but feel that you should bring it up at some point. Or do you disagree?

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How irritating are irresponsible dog owners?

My dog is not good with most dogs. He'll growl and bark at 9 out of 10 dogs we pass. He's a rescue, so who really knows his story. We're just thankful that he loves people and that he can be good near other dogs in his obedience/agility classes. And that he's only 37 pounds, so we can hold him back and keep control. We just know to always cross the street while walking him when other dogs go by and to never let him close enough to potentially do more than bark or growl.

However...some people are just stupid.

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What are your frustrating pet owner stories?


Hi everyone, I have a father who is ill. He suffered from abuse at the hands of his sister. My brother went into his room and he compared it to Afghanistan smell wise. We had to buy him new clothes because his were soiled beyond use. We are estranged and only found out about his admittance to a hospital courtesy of my brother being part of the family grape vine.

He has suffered quite a few mini strokes and has signs of early dementia. He is young, he's only 55, but he has never had the ability to take care of himself. When I went down to Baton Rouge my aunt disregarded me and went after my brother for financial support. We cannot do that, we are all barely making it as it is. I filled out his medicaid paperwork and now my aunt is trying to usurp our handling of his welfare. I believe that she is only after the future check my dad will bring.

Does anyone know how to gain control? He was deemed sound of mind, and his brain damage and dementia papers have been "lost".

We failed to report the abuse, honestly, it never occurred to us. We were appalled by the state of his room and my cousins laughed about it.

I will be heading that way in the next few days. My dad defers to his older sister. What can I do to prevent any further abuse? Thanks in advance!

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Today I discovered my mother had put my N7 Elite hoodie into the wash without checking the pockets and my ATM/debit card was in the pocket. Will this affect my card in any way? (It'll take 5 working days to get a new one if it is and I'm not happy at the prospect of having to queue in the bank in order to get money out)

Question for anyone here who breeds (or has experiencing with) breeding boa constrictors:

Would this fetal heart monitor be a good choice for using on a boa? I want to know for sure if Ayrn is full of extra passengers again or if she's just put on weight so I can reduce her food if needs be - http://cgi.ebay.ie/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281185234198&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:en

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I want to start learning how to bake from scratch. In order to practice I've done several cakes/cup cakes/pastries/muffins using ingredients from a box (cake mix etc), so that I am more familiar with measurements, cooking times etc. Now I want to know-where do I go from here?

What are the easiest things to bake for a beginner baker? Do you have any easy recipes for baked goods, or suggestions on what I should start with?

Alternatively-what are your favourite baked goods? :)
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This is a total shot in the dark, but does anyone know anything about frogs? (Large pics behind the cut, sorry, mobile )

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Any reason you can think of that this frog just wants to hang out at a beauty supply store? Should I just leave him be and let whatever happens, happen?