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April 20th, 2014

(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2014|09:38 am]
The Question Club


Whether it be food, beauty supplies, medicine, what have you, what are your favorite products that have been discontinued? 
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2014|04:07 pm]
The Question Club


For those that have divorced/broke up after a LTR: How did you feel as you were packing up and leaving?
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Bless You! [Apr. 20th, 2014|08:16 pm]
The Question Club


So lets say you have a newborn. Your SO and you don't practice a religion, but have advised a close family member that when your child is old enough they can introduce them to it (they are Christian). You have been to church, just don't worship, and was never baptized, your SO has no religious background.

So your at a family event..lets say Easter...and your parents neighbour and close friends pop by to meet the baby. At one point the male friend tells you to close your eyes (you're holding the baby). You don't know what happened, but your parents are there and they wouldn't let anything bad happen and the baby is happy.

Later you ask what they did and your Mom has no idea, but your sister  mentions that the male friend is taking courses to become a minister and probably blessed the baby.

How would you feel? No harm done? Annoyed they blessed the baby without your permission?

dk/dc what's your alcoholic drink of choice?

My answer in comments
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The motion of the ocean [Apr. 20th, 2014|09:18 pm]
The Question Club


Piggy-backing on piperki's's question...

What short story have you read that made a BIG impact?
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2014|10:06 pm]
The Question Club


I went out with a guy for the first time ever. We had dinner. I don't think it was a date. He was 10 minutes late. We went dutch. He asked if anyone asked me out before and if I ever had a boyfriend. Also he asked if I thought it was creepy he askes me out one on one (we are colleagues, in different offices). He didn't offer to drive me home but did send me a text the same night saying that it was nice meeting me.

Would this be a deal breaker? Would you say yes if he asked you out again, if you were me?

He also briefly mentioned his ex. -_-
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