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April 19th, 2014

(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2014|08:46 am]
The Question Club


My husband and I are expecting our first baby in November.  We have started to think about the nursery, and what furniture we will need in it.  The room we've chosen has a big walk-in closet with built-in shelving, so we likely wouldn't need a separate, stand-alone dresser, except for one thing - a changing table.  We'd prefer to not buy just a changing table, but I can't think of a way to securely anchor a changing pad to the top of a cupboard that is built-in to the wall.  There is no way to wrap a strap around the top of the counter, as the one edge is flush with (and attached to) the back wall of the closet.  Do you have any ideas if there's any way to safely anchor a changing pad to the top of a built-in shelf?

If you have kids, what was the most useful thing you bought/received for them when they were infants?  What was the most useless/overrated thing?
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MS. Found In A Trailer Park [Apr. 19th, 2014|09:48 am]
The Question Club


One of the local kids must have dropped a note while cutting through my lawn. Or dropped it elsewhere and the wind brought it. It reads:

OK so [first name] said at Jumpstart that she cuts. And I said prove it and she pulled up her wrist and there was like 1 tiny one it looks like she scratched herself.

What should I do about it?

My kid asked a neighbor if they know a kid around here named [first name] and the answer was no. Probably the note was passed by one kid to a second kid who then lost it. I don't know what Jumpstart is.

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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2014|03:05 pm]
The Question Club


My mom is still using Windows XP.....will her computer be invaded by aliens? explode? whimper and die? other?
Do I stealthily install WIN 8 on it??
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Your childhood. [Apr. 19th, 2014|03:48 pm]
The Question Club


[mood |curiouscurious]

Yesterday afternoon I was having my bridal hair and make up trial. The woman doing my hair and make up started asking me questions about myself and my family. This pretty much led to a briefing by me on my unfortunate childhood. She apparently had a screwed up childhood as well, and we were able to commiserate.

So my question is, Did you have a difficult childhood?

Surely someone has to have had a relatively decent/care-free one, or are we all in the same boat so to speak? Is there such a thing as a care-free childhood???
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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2014|05:16 pm]
The Question Club


I have jury duty on Monday and I'm excited. I realize that's not the emotion people generally feel when summoned.

Anyway - share your jury duty experiences? Have you ever served on a jury? Ever been through jury selection? Share your stories!
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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2014|05:59 pm]
The Question Club


Can you name a song you hate by a band you love?

How about a song you love by a band you hate?

My answers in the comments.
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Honeymoon phase [Apr. 19th, 2014|08:37 pm]
The Question Club


When did the honeymoon phase end for you and your SO?

How far into dating? Into marriage?

How often did/do you have sex during that phase? After?

When did you realize you were past that phase?
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Hello electric people! [Apr. 19th, 2014|10:14 pm]
The Question Club


I have a very simple question, and would appreciate a solid answer. Recommendations for the best friend-making communities? Thanks in advance!

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gigantic tome [Apr. 19th, 2014|11:20 pm]
The Question Club


What's the longest book you've read?
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