April 17th, 2014

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I learned today in a psychology course that most people believe they are above average in intelligence.  Their belief has no correlation with their actual IQ scores.

Do you think of yourself as intelligent?  Why do you believe this?

ETA:  The point here is not whether or not you believe IQ testing is a reliable indicator of intelligence as you define it.  The point is, the participants of this survey consistently greatly overestimated their scores regardless of their belief of the validity of the test.  Why do you think that is?

ETA:  Also, it is interesting to note that everyone across the board seemed to overrate themselves.  Whether they scored a 90 or 140, they all guessed they would score higher than they actually did, which seems in contradiction to the popular notion that intelligent people are more aware of their limitations than less intelligent people (under the given definition of intelligence).  What do you make of this?


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TQC, I'm in my final year at university and am completing my dissertation. My supervisor has been amazing so I want to get her a gift, (probably a nice bottle of wine and some chocolates). My question is when do I give it to her? I submit May 1st, with a presentation May 16th and results around June 16th. The problem is, I'm not sure if she will be around after the results. When is the best time to give her the gift without it seeming like a 'please give me a first' bribe?

Dk/dc - best teacher/lecturer you've ever had?

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TQC, a professional baker friend of mine has agreed to make me a pie in honor of my graduation. What kind of pie should I ask her to make me? I like fruit and chocolate equally, and I especially love interesting twists on classic pies. What's your favorite kind of pie?

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Be honest, do you think everyone spends too much time online?

Some people do, but not most people.
Everyone should spend more time online.
Psst! Your age is showing.

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My best friend's dad passed away last night. He'd been battling cancer for a while now so it was expected. Anyway, my friend asked if I would come over this afternoon and of course I am going to. Just kind of looking for general advice on what to say or what not to say. I'm also planning on bringing over some stuff I know she likes, probably coffee & bagels, maybe some not sad movies. Anyone have any other suggestions on what to bring? Is it tacky to bring a bottle of wine or alcohol of some sort? I'd also like to do something for her mom & sister but not really sure what besides offering to do a dunkins run for everyone. Any suggestions would help! Thanks everyone in advance, I've just never really been in this kind of situation so not sure what exactly to do.

Finders Fee

I was up in bear country when I walked into a shop. There are many old and wonderful things in the shop, and old lady who owns doesn't know how to price them, or market them, and she's only in there during odd, unpredictable hours, and she'd just as soon not bother, but she doesn't know how to sell the store clear and get a fair price for her stock.

Well, I have some ideas of who might be interested, and how to reach them. I told the owner that I might be able to find her a buyer, but that I'd want some sort of fee. She's interested, and we agreed to talk later. Nobody made any sort of commitment.

I would neither be purchaser nor seller. I would not set prices. I would just try to bring the right people together so they could make offers to her and she could choose whether or not to accept an offer. Everyone would understand my role up front.

So here's my question: what percentage would be a fair and reasonable finder's fee to charge, and should I be asking her for the fee directly, or telling the buyers that they'll have to pay a fee on top of what they pay for the goods?

Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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Imagine a scenario where you, your significant other, and a houseguest (a long-lost friend, out-of-town relative, etc.) are going somewhere in a four-door car with two rows of seats (say a standard sedan) and your SO is driving. This person is of average height with no medical issues that would relegate them to a particular section of the car.

Where do you direct your guest to sit? Do you tell them to sit up front because they're the guest or in the back so you can sit with your SO? Or say nothing and let them choose?

Coffee is for closers!

I found the following job ad on craigslist:

I need a Closer
compensation: Commission only

telecommuting okay
I am looking for someone who has experience in cold calling or going door-to-door to sell health and wellness products to potential customers. 600 cold leads a month will be provided. This is part time, as you will only be paid on commission.

I should respond asking if I at least get coffee, yes?