April 16th, 2014

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I was just talking to a friend of mine about something, and now we're trying to think of a term. I remember a couple of years back there was this trend on LJ (and probably other places on the internet) of people who believed they had some kind of mystical spiritual bond with fictional characters. It wasn't necessarily that they felt married to the characters (though I guess that was one of the ways in which the bond could manifest), just that there was this really close bond. It's not the Otherkin thing, that's a whole different scenario, though the two seemed to pop up and get big around the same time. I seem to remember that the term I'm thinking of actually had "soul" or "spirit" in it. But all of my Googling so far is turning up things about playing-card games and finding your real-life soul mate. Anyone have any idea what the term is I'm actually thinking of?

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After 20 or so years of wearing glasses and contacts, I am finally in the position to afford laser eye surgery. I had been to one consultation already and had the procedure explained to me, and although anything having to do with the eye squicks me out, I'm okay with this happening.

Next Tuesday (April 22) I have another consult with a different clinic. While booking the appointment, the secretary warned me that the doctor will be putting dilation drops in my eyes so he can see to the back of my eye. This makes me a little nervous. The drops will leave me blurry eyed for a bit, so I have enlisted the help of my mother to drive me to and from the appointment.

My question to you all is about the dilation drops. Has anyone had them before? Earlier in the year I read on a different forum that a person who had the drops experienced heart attack-like symptoms. Was this an isolated incident? or are side effects like this common? I tend to have anxiety issues when it comes to anything medical related, so I don't want my anxiety to possibly trigger a negative reaction. Thanks!

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What's the best way to cook steak without a grill?
Anyone have any favorite marinades, etc?

Steak's been requested for dinner and I have very little experience with making it! Help me, please! I haven't been to the store yet so cuts and such aren't chosen.
that is so nice

Three parter about friendship

How long does it take you to make friends after moving somewhere? I realize this is kind of a weird, specific question.

How many times have you / how often do you move?
And in general, how do you meet people / make friends?

Answer any or all. I feel like I don't know how to articulate what I'm trying to ask haha.

It seems as though protocol is to put my answers in the comments so I will do that.