April 14th, 2014

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Owners of large dogs, what toys do you have for your dogs? We adopted a border collie mix (definitely has a lot of black lab in him) last month, and have had terrible luck with toys for him. He LOVES toys, but they're all destroyed in minutes. This includes those I've purchased that are specifically labeled "durable," like those rope toys for tug of war. What have you had success with?

Those who don't own large dogs... whatcha reading?
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In a situation where neither is threatening direct harm, which do you find creepier: something that overtly looks like it should not exist (in a paranormal sense), or something mundane that is doing something wildly unexpected but which is not explicitly paranormal?

Is being passionate a personality trait?

Are you passionate about something, like a hobby or sport? There are things I enjoy, but I've never felt super passionate about anything. I think it's due to my more laid-back personality, but have a friend who thinks I should try to find that "thing I can get lost in," and that I just love to do. He thinks everyone is passionate about something, and that I just need to find it. I've never felt that way about anything and I'm in my 30's, so I doubt I ever will. What do you think? Does everyone have something they're passionate about?

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Several women in my life are telling me that since I am almost 30 (I'm 29) that I need to have a skin regimen. Right now its pretty pathetic... I make sure to never sleep with my makeup on and wash my face with ivory soap. :X That's the extent of my routine, heh.

I don't want to spend a bunch of money... I don't want to have to put 4 or 5 products on my face...and I don't want to spend a bunch of money!! I have heard so many times: "oh yes, *this* product is $50-$100 BUT ITS WORTH IT." Sorry, but it isn't worth it to me. YET, anyway. :)

So my question: Will you please recommend one or two inexpensive products an almost 30 year old should be using on her face to help keep her skin nice? I am pretty pale and I have no clue what skin type I am. I don't often break out but when I do its usually just one blemish on my chin or forehead.

I know nothing about any of this, so sorry if any of this sounds dumb and thanks for any help. :)
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The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt just won the Fiction Pulitzer. Should I give it another go? I tried to read it but couldn't get into it. I'm not against giving books a second try though. Have any of you read it? I read her book The Secret History in high school and really enjoyed it, but yeah, The Goldfinch didn't do anything for me. But again, maybe I should give it another chance?

Which books did you not like the first time around, but gave a second chance to and then enjoyed immensely? The Hobbit and A Confederacy of Dunces are both books I put down at first, and then loved when I gave them a second chance.
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I have an iPhone my friend I think has a galaxy. Out of the blue I can see messages from him. He can't see messages from me.

Has any one had this trouble? What did you do?

I tried to find solution can't seem to figure it out.

We both turned on and off phone. Searching google with not much help.

*edit they can't receive any text messages only picture messages!!! Anyone had that problem? If yes how did you solve that problem?

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I leave the USA in just over a week. What should I buy before I leave?
Srs/non srs.

Also, i'm struggling to find definitive information on the website, i'm flying Virgin Atlantic and want to bring back a jar of moonshine cherries - will they be OK in the hold?

Exercise help

I asked this on my health/diet forum and got nowhere and the interwebz is full of such much that I don't know what to start with.
What exercises can I do to help with bingo wings?
I am a decent way into a weight loss journey (39/61lbs down). I swim regularly and started the 30 Day Shred a fortnight ago. I am aware that you can't really spot train but I want to work on my arms. I do not know much about weight training. I have access to home weights and a gym membership from next month. However, I have temperamental wrists due to my fibro and thus lots of push ups is out. Any help?