April 12th, 2014


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How do I know where my iphone pictures are going to on icloud? As in, I know they zip to my computer logged in with the same apple id, is there a way to know where else?
Is there a way to stop them going anywhere other than the computer?

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This is incredibly vague and I apologize but it's bugging me so badly!
I'm trying to think of the name of a song. It's a female artist, disco sounding, it's definitely an older song but
I'm not sure what year. It's in a movie and I think it plays during a club scene I'm almost certain. I think the name of the artist is Kathy something though. Kristy, Kathy, Katy idk.

Please help meeeee!!!!

I woke up at 5am and had the name Cheryl Barnes in my head. Googled it and thought LOL NOPE The search continues! Ended up logging into my playlist.com account finally and it IS Cheryl Barnes Love and Passion. It's in American Gigolo!
birds, peaceful

Help an LJer out?

I came to realize that I don't have one of those "LJ - cheaper than therapy" icons. Can someone please oblige me? I tried looking via Google Images, but ended up with pictures of vibrators, a koala that "poops jewels" and random people :-D

DK/DC: Has spring arrived where you are?

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Do you have half siblings?

Yes, half siblings from my mother
Yes, half siblings from my fatherr
Yes, half siblings on both sides
No, only full siblings
No, no siblings
I'm not sure/don't know

If you have half siblings, which applies to you best?

I am close with all of my half siblings
I am close with some of my half siblings
I am not close at all with any of my half siblings
I never met any of my half siblings

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is a physical appearance a factor in your friendships? are you less likely to want to talk to and hang out with someone if they're unattractive? do you and most of your friends tend to look similar?