April 11th, 2014


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Aussie tqc-ers & tqc-queers:

So I am considering moving to Sydney, in part because I have heard really wonderful things about Newtown/Enmore/Marrickville. I'd love any thoughts/advice on these neighborhoods; I'm looking for a low-key alternative vibe with a community feel. (Along the lines of Portland or Seattle in the US, or maybe Brighton in the UK.)


What is the queer/lesbian scene in Melbourne like (and how does it compare)? Any similar neighborhoods that are worth looking into? I initially had more interest in Melbourne than Sydney, actually, because I'd heard it was maybe a little more arts-oriented, but I don't really know that much about either so any advice would be really helpful!!
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I am doing a 5k run/walk this summer. Weirdly, it does not seem to have any method for fundraising for its target organization beyond the registration fee. So I'm on my own to set that up. I'm looking at GoFundMe and Fundly - it looks like GFM sends donations directly to the organization being supported, but charges anywhere from 5-10% in fees, while Fundly seems to not charge a fee, but sends the donations to me to pass along to the organization. Which is preferable? Has anyone used either, or know of another option that would let me track donations? I looked at JustGiving as well, but the organization in question is not a member, and JustGiving looks to be largely UK-centric.
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I was involved in a car crash. It was the other persons fault. Their insurance gave me two options - keep the car and get a certain settlement, or sell them the car and get a slightly higher settlement. I thought the keep the car settlement sounded fairer, because of course I got to keep my still drive-able car. I thought maybe my family could use it as a back up vehicle or I could use it as a trade in. However, I've been looking over the steps required when it comes to getting a title marked as salvage and actually being able to drive and insure that vehicle and I'm starting to think it isn't worth it.

I haven't given the insurance my title info yet. If I tell them I changed my mind and would rather just sell it to them will they agree?

need some advice.

edit: thank you everyone for your words of wisdom. I've decided to stop giving them rides and see if they still try to hang out with me or not. I won't write to them or tell them how I feel right now, because it'll likely cause tension and make me feel they are spending more time with me out of obligation. we'll see how it goes.

to make a long story short, I have these two girl friends I thought that I was really close to. we would all hang out together, even if it was just watching a movie at each other's apartments.

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