April 9th, 2014


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Backstory: Mrs Haji is filing for divorce. Next week will be the first time I have seen her since Sept.

How do I let her know I have moved on ??

(SRS /NSRS mostly NSRS plz. K THX BYE)

Who does this?

When you're out and about and you feel the need to poop, do you seek out a snowbank so you can climb up on top of it and poop there? Who does this? Do you do this?

I don't do this, but my dog does this. Does your dog do this?

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help me with sizing

I'm looking into buying these shorts.

One of the reviews says, "I ordered a large because I'm 5''4 and 135-140 lbs and thick in the midsection. I think they run a bit large because I definitely could have gotten a medium and it would fit more snug."

I'm 5'6" and 120lbs but I have to have bottoms loose around my abdomen because of my health issues.

With this information do you think I should go for the large or get a medium?

What was the last online purchase you made?
What was the last clothing item you purchased? (either online or in store)
Were you happy with your purchases?

Baby gifts

My cousin and his girlfriend just had their second baby, yay! I would like to gift them something a little more original than a stuffed animal or tiny clothes, especially since they have a two year old already so they don't need a lot of baby stuff. I have no idea what I could get them though. Any ideas? Maybe something for the parents rather than the newborn? They don't really need any babysitting or something done for them since both grandmothers are home a lot and almost fighting over who gets to spend the most time with the kids.