April 8th, 2014


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1. Can someone recommend a password manager that will work on an antique powerbook running OSX 10.4? It was the last of the Motorola chip macbooks, and then everything changed. My main machine runs Win 7, but the macbook is my weekend machine.

2. What are you favorite craft beers? If not applicable, what's your alcoholic beverage of choice? If not applicable, when did you last floss your teeth?


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This is a rather specific request, but I am looking for a spiral-bound notebook, smaller than 8.5x11, with quad-ruled/graph paper. Anyone know where I could find one?

DK/DC: What's on your to do list today?

What is your favorite flavor of yogurt?
whole lot harder to shine than undermine

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how do you feel about leaving up the facebook of someone who has passed away? how do you feel about people writing on that person's wall or tagging them in photos/statuses? do your feelings about this change if it's someone you were close to?

dk/dc/don't have a facebook: What's the most money you would spend on a pair of shoes?
bernerners in perjermers

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What is the most passive aggressive thing you've ever said? done? written in a note?

What is the most passive aggressive thing every said to you? done to you? written to you in a note?

Share a passive aggressive note that you find online that you think is funny.

DK/DC: Share an amusing tale.
the cat ignores

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1. I'm not a native speaker and I had no look googling around. What I am looking for is a comprehensive handbook of childhood maladies, if possible with pictures and first aid / relief measures. It should be in English or Japanese. Any recommendations?

2. what's your favorite studio ghibli movie?

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Why does my cat freak out whenever my husband or I are on the phone? I swear it's not because he wants attention. This cat is very solitary and wants to be left alone most of the time. He never gets upset when we're Skyping with someone, even if we're wearing headphones and he can't hear the other person talking. However, he walks around crying and making strange sounds whenever we make or receive a call on our cell phones. Any ideas? It's really weird.