April 7th, 2014

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I didn't go grocery shopping today, so I have to go tomorrow

Q: What's your typical grocery list look like? If you had unlimited funds, what else would you get?


Q: When's the last time you got a haircut? Did you like it? Or are you never going back again?

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I have AT&T and have been having a few malfunctions with my phone (it turning off by itself, the sensor not reading my fingers correctly, the phone freezing, etc). I spoke to a representative there a few weeks ago about returning it WITH NO CHARGE since it wasn't my fault. I do have insurance. Yesterday I got my phone stolen and it was out of battery. Is there ANYBODY or any way to get around this WITHOUT having to pay the $150 insurance/replacement fee that any of you have had experience with?

Thank You!

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Gift Giving to crappy friends?

So TQC...I need advice.

What would you do if you had long ago told a friend  that you'd buy them a certain expensive ($75) gift for their birthday....but you aren't as close with them anymore? And they didn't send you a Christmas or birthday gift?

I have this friend. We used to be SUPER close. Then we both moved away, and she's making horrible life decisions and has completely changed in a not positive way, so we've kind of drifted apart. We still text every few days, so it's not like we're not friends anymore.
I got her super awesome Christmas gifts and shipped them across the country to her to open on Christmas. And got nothing in return, cuz she was "broke" (though a week later sent me pictures of all the expensive gifts she bought her horrible horrible asshole of a boyfriend). It's now April and she just sent me something as a "Christmas" gift. It was shoes and they are crappy quality and not even my size (there was nice thought behind them, but it's 4 months after and they suck, so I'm kind of upset).

But the other day she brought up the thing I said I would get her for her birthday and said she was excited for it.

So now I don't know what to do. I don't wanna drop $75 (which is a lot for me) on her. But I also don't know what to say/do about the situation.
What do you suggest?

Ever gotten stuck in an awkward gift-giving situation like this?
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Backing up LJ

I was wondering, for those of you who still use LJ to journal, what's the best way to back it up these days for keeping a copy of it offline? I tried LJ Book sometime last year and all I got were errors -- something about my journal needing to be converted to some sort of code. I didn't understand what that meant and wasn't sure the site was working anymore.

I still have LJ Archive on my computer, for any of you old timers who might remember that, and it still works, but I have no clue how to export my entries for offline use. It exports to xml, but I don't know what to do beyond that.

Any way to backup from Dreamwidth instead if LJ is too complicated these days?

I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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I started a new job three weeks ago and I have been enjoying it so far; I have received good feedback on the work I've done and I feel fairly on top of it all. However, I unfortunately got a chest infection at the exact time of starting and so have spent the first three weeks at my new job coughing and wheezing.

Along with working full-time I study for a degree part-time, and as it is Easter I have been incredibly busy with church and singing in concerts... Oh and I'm moving house next week so I am VERY stressed with everything. I would probably be able to cope with all of this if it weren't for the fact that I'm unwell and always tired due to loss of sleep - the coughing is worse at night and I often have to sit up in bed to clear my lungs.

Anyway, so I was feeling stressed and ill and generally down at work today, and got a little teary at my desk. I went to the loo for a quick cry, and when I got back my manager called me into her office to send me home. I apologised and said that I was just a little unwell but I was fine to work, and she said 'well it's probably quite awkward for other people having to see you cry. Also I've noticed that often when you come in in the morning you sit down and begin working without saying hello to everyone in the office. We like to employ people who fit in, so I'm wondering if you're not coping.'
This comment threw me a lot. I know I'm not on my best form at the moment but I have been friendly and chatty, and I thought that I got on well with everyone. She confirmed that the work I was doing was absolutely fine - but then I would have expected and welcomed feedback on my work performance, not on my personality. She didn't say I was rude or dismissive, only that I didn't often look happy and didn't say hello in the mornings.

I'm not really sure what to do now as I have never had a problem like this before in social/working situations, and I was not aware of any problems before this. I am still in my probation period so I am TERRIFIED that she is going to fire me now, which obviously is not helping with stress levels.
What would you do in my situation? Do you think that my manager is being unfair by mentioning this, or was it a bit stupid of me to cry at work?

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance.

For gamers out there

I'm really into retro gaming, and I'm thinking about starting a collection. For Nintendo's vintage games, is it better to collect them on their original consoles (NES, N64, etc.) or should I shop for them on the Wii Virtual Console?


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I need to find the cheapest way to send a bag of about 30kgs to the UK from the US. So far I have sendmybag.com for about $100, but I was wondering if there's any other way I haven't thought of?