April 6th, 2014

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So...just realized that I'm gonna have to remove my lip and eyebrow jewelry before I have surgery. Uh...my lip was done 3 months ago...my eyebrow was 2 weeks later.

So...how long do you think I can leave em out without them closing on me? I'm mostly worried about my eyebrow. Or can I get plastic retainers?

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Why do people stop at red lights 2-3 car lengths behind the car in front of them/the white line? Someone once told me it was so if they were rear ended then they don't hit the car in front of them, but if all the cars are stopped it doesn't make sense to me. Also been told it's so they can swerve out of the way if someone is going to ram them, but again that makes no sense to me if you are in the middle of lanes of traffic. I do notice a some of these people spend the red light rolling forward, slowly. I lived in several cities and it's only this one I notice it in. It's mostly annoying when you are trying to make a right and someone is half blocking the lane when they have a tonne of space in front of them.

Dont know/Dont care: If you found box with a kitten, would you keep it?
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I'm writing a cover letter as a part of a job application. The job is in an industry I've not had previous experience in but the ad says experience is preferred but not essential. The job is mainly admin stuff which I've had plenty of experience in - so I figure its worth a shot.

I'm stuck on how to say that while I've not worked in the industry before, I am a quick learner and believe I would pick it up with ease.

Obviously I don't want to say it quite like that. So far I have:

"While I have not had experience within the Agricultural industry, I am an extremely fast learner and believe I would..." and then I get stuck.. its the phrase "pick it up" I mainly have the problem with - it doesn't sit right ..

So my question is - can someone help me word this a little more professionally? I'm usually pretty good at this kind of thing but my 2 year old is currently going through a sleep regression so I'm very sleep deprived at the moment.


Edit: Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I really appreciate it! :D

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Has anyone here learned French after learning Spanish? In what ways did your background in Spanish help you learn French? In what ways (if any) was it a hindrance?

If n/a: I don't have anything for you; I'm sorry.

yogadownload.com--anyone tried this?

Groupon is offering two deals from yogadownload.com.

I like yoga and have not done enough recently because I can't find the time or the spare cash to go to a class. I'm not so great about practicing on my own; when I do it at all, I tend to stick to a small set of poses because they're comfortable.

Anyone here use yogadownload? Is it any good?

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I need a new laptop. My current one is going on 8 years old and while I love it to bits I think it's time to let it go. I have two options.

Option One: I can afford to buy a new 13 macbook pro with all the bells and whistle only it would not be able to play sims 4. Will I grow to regret being unable to play Sims 4?

Option two: Recommend me a PC laptop that can play sims 3 (potentially sims 4) and run Creative Cloud without it crying. Preferably something under $2000 because I will then in turn need money to pay for my Sims habit and that shits expensive.

DK/DC: How excited are you about Sims 4 coming out in the fall? Speculation on system requirements?