April 5th, 2014

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Ok, there was a really cute 5 or so member japanese girl band, rock or punk or something, with a video going around for a bit. They were all sort of cutesy, with cute clothes that were different subgenres of lolita, if I remember correctly. In the video, they came on stage kinda awkward, and the crowd was like, wtf? Then they blew the whole thing away being awesome.

I cannot figure out this band! Anyone know what I'm talking about?

EDIT: NEVERMIND! Found it finally after hours of search!! It is the video Take My chance by Doll$Boxx. Has anyone else ever seen this, or babymetal? So cute!

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Poll #1963424 Shower Poll

So, you're about to get in the shower when you realize the water is too cold. Do you...

Turn the hot water up
Turn the cold water down
Just get in
I don't turn the water on until I'm in the shower, but I turn the hot water up
I don't turn the water on until I'm in the shower, but I turn the cold water down
I don't take showers
Something else, which I'll explain in comments

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1. Are you more risk averse or risk loving?
2. What is a change you have been meaning to make or have recently made?
3. What is stopping you from doing it/what propelled you do it?
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I'm not feeling well. I missed work yesterday. Befor this, around mid week when I was feeling fine, I agreed to another date with a guy I've gone on five or six dates with so far. I woke up today feeling better and so didn't cancel, but now I'm feeling pretty terrible again.

He works with me so knows I didn't show up Friday. It's short notice, but I really thought I was feeling better. Should I call and cancel now? How do you think he'll react?
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do you think it's easier or harder to move on if your ex blocks you from seeing all of his/her social media?

how long after a breakup do you stop trying to "creep"?

have you ever been jealous of an ex's new s/o, even if you were the one who ended things?


there is this flower, that use to spring up wild in a padock near my house when i was a kid that i would visit *all the time* because it had a swing attached to a big gum tree that we could jump off a massive concrete block onto then fly around on (we were kind of released wild into this paddock and woods to explore, and my mother would whistle from our frount door when she wanted us to come home). i took my now husband to "the swing" on one of our first dates. the flower came out at the same time as the daffodils and jonquils and blossom, so it would signal the start of spring (outside weather), to me seeing these flowers out.

but i dont know the name of this flower, it is white with green spots. my mother called it "wet my pants", this is a picture of it...

does anyone know what that flower is called?

dn/dk: what were your signs as children that it was spring now, and you could go play (if you could ever do that?).
if you were allowed out lose, what was your "home time" signal (ie- street lights turned on etc), or if you were never allowed our unsupervised why do you think that is? (i guess how old are you? is also relevant? i am 27, and largely a latchkey child.)
also, did you prefer to be inside or outside as a child?


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So my laptop has a cripplingly small amount of storage space. I mostly want to keep my music on it and be able to have that wherever I go. Are there options i'm not thinking of? Does Spotify has some way of storing your library on it?