April 4th, 2014

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He Who Smelt It

They are now saying the human nose may not be as perceptive as a dog, but it's not too shabby either. In fact it says we can detect ONE TRILLION, which is quite a few more than we previously thought.

What is one of the worst smells you've inhaled?

One of the best? Is there an odd smell that you find pleases you anyway?
Kizzy headtrick

Dog/cat haters

I understand someone preferring cats over dogs, dogs over cats, some other type of animal over both, or no pets at all for whatever reason or no reason.

Today, though, I read a blog comment by someone who said they "detest" both cats and dogs. Don't get me wrong, each one has their downsides, but the mindset of actually *detesting* either or both is just alien to me.

Do you know someone who hates cats, dogs, or both? As in completely despising them, thinking they're evil/disgusting, or maybe even going so far as wanting to kill them?

Do you trust anyone who has that attitude?

(I'm a proud slave mommy of 1 dog and 7 cats, 2 of whom were left by someone in the middle of a street as kittens when their eyes were barely open. My husband and I feed/TNR feral cats as well.)

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I'm going to a professional conference next month in San Francisco. Thanks to everyone who gave me good ideas of what to check out while I'm there! Now comes the hard part - what to wear. The "official" dress code is comfortable and casual, but I'm an attorney, somewhat young in my career, and I want to network and rub elbows to help my career advancement.

I want to look polished and professional, but not stuffy. This is a conference of mostly super liberal folks, if it makes any difference, so I'm not concerned about being unconventional. Can you give me some ideas for cute, polished and professional outfits? Must have accessories?

Difficulty: no heels or skirts; not used to dressing for weather in SF as I'm from the northeast and it's been evil here.

More job advice?

I have 5 months before I move to start on my master's degree. I just have started an unpaid internship that would be awesome for my resume and experience and is also at a place I would want to work at in the future, so I want to make a good impression. I'm in charge of a specific project that allows me to make my own schedule, but it needs to be done by June, and I'm not sure how long it will take at this point, but I'm guessing equal to part time work. I can work in their office on it 5 days a week from 8-5.

Today I got a job at a food cafe, where I would be basically cleaning dishes and serving fried food to people, maybe making coffee too. It'd pay, which of course is nice, but it's everyday from 10-2, which would limit my time at this internship.

I can survive for the next 5 months without pay due to my savings from the past, (and I'm finishing a book that is about to be published) but it'd be nice to have a paycheck. Also, my S/O claims that having a paid job is better for your resume than an unpaid internship, even if the internship is more in line with exactly what you want to do and the job is just there to pay your rent.

Should I not take the job and keep looking for part-time work that doesn't have conflicting hours? Should I take both and try to accomplish the project at the same time? Is my S/O right or dead wrong?

I know unpaid internships shouldn't exist, but this is a great opportunity that I can't pass up.

Any advice?

(no subject)

I lost contact with a friend a long time ago and recently (last week) got in contact with him again via Facebook. He wasn't present much until last week when he asked for help. I responded by asking him how he was. He's struggling now trying to stay sober and heal from years of alcoholism. He's looking for support and distractions and connections. He's lost a lot of his relationships because of the drinking, including his long term girlfriend just last month.

I'm seeing him tomorrow (tonight if he's in crisis) and I'm just not sure how it will go. Any advice for when I see him? Things I should be mindful of? He's in AA and serious about changing but he's in a really bad and lonely place.

Other than telling him I'll help and support him anyway I can I'm not sure what to say and as it's been years since I've even talked to him I'm worried it will just be awkward as it's such a personal reason to meet.

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For about ten years, I was a lifeguard. After that, I got a job as a bookstore manager. When kids would occasionally shriek, as kids are occasionally wont to do in retail establishments, I felt a strange instinct to actually quickly dive into the floor, and go rescue them. Thankfully, I always held back.

Have you ever had any strange holdover reflexes from past jobs or duties or hobbies--anything you did regularly--that would rear up humorously at non-applicable times?

Car Accident - Car's a Loss... What Next?

I was in a small accident a few weeks ago- someone at a stop sign was not paying attention and I was on a throughway (no stop), and she hit me. I didn't think it was all that bad- there's damage down my doors and she popped the mirror off- but there's no internal damage. Her insurance assumed all liability, so I took it to the mechanic they told me to to have an assessment done, which yielded a surprising result- they've labeled my car a total loss.

I'm a fairly new driver and car owner (later in life license; I was 22 and am 23 now) and I'm... lost! I don't know what to expect next. Honestly, I'm just curious. Could someone who's gone through this or is more experience than I am walk me through what happens next?
Bandit Driving

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I were planning on going to an AHL hockey game tonight about an hour away from where we live. Unfortunately we didn't think to buy tickets ahead of time and they are all sold out.

My boyfriend's friends still wants to go, figuring we can find some tickets when we get there. They have no other plan if that falls through and knowing them the backup plan would be sitting at a bar which really isn't that exciting to me.
If you were me, would you still go? My parents have the kiddo for the night and I have nothing else to do, so I would be sitting at home alone.


Has anyone been there in the past year or two?  How much racism is there, particularly in Montreal and Quebec City?

Second hand info is OK too, as long as it's recent.


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Poll #1963379 Friends

Who is your favorite secondary character on Friends?

Frank, Jr
Ugly Naked Guy
The Chick and the Duck
Other (Mention in comments)