April 2nd, 2014

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I've published a few erotic stories on Amazon and I'm trying to find avenues to advertise my writing so I can hopefully get more sales and try to make it as a writer. What are some sites that would be good for sharing a link to what I've written so far?

DK/DC - What is the strangest thought you've had recently?
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What is your current biggest pet peeve?

I really. really, really, dislike it when anybody looks over my shoulder while I'm on my laptop. And what ticks me off even more than that is when people don't understand why I dislike it and keep looking over my shoulder. And make comments on what I'm looking at/doing on the web. It's the worst.

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Is Google News messed up for anyone else?

For several days, the Google News page for my city kept showing the same stories. Then those stories started disappearing until there were only three or four stories on a mostly blank page. Then the city link in the left sidebar disappeared completely.
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1. A poll!

If smoking in public places were legal again, such as inside restaurants and stores/malls, would you still go to those establishments?

Yes, I'm a smoker and I don't care
Yes, I'm not a smoker but I don't care
Only for a short time to get what I need and get out
Only if a friend or family member wanted me to go with them
Only if I couldn't get what I needed/wanted somewhere else
No, I wouldn't be able to put up with the smoking
Other - ellaborate in the comments

2. What are some good tips for "spring cleaning"/cleaning your whole house?

3. What cleaning chore do you hate the most/tend to put off?

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This is a super long shot, but

My restaurant originally wanted us to wear Chuck Taylors as part of our uniform. I really like the Chuck look, but they're ridiculously painful to break in and not really good for your feet overall. With this in mind, management has allowed us to pick our own shoes. Does anyone have any sneaker recommendations that look cool while still being really good for your feet? Thanks in advance!

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Do you have a personal motto? (that you say in a grotto when you're blotto, sotto voce?)

Double internet points if its in Latin. Triple if its in Klingon.

I haven't decided between : CARPE TUNA or PAX TAEDIUM

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I am going to a 1 year old girl's birthday party this weekend and need help with ideas of what to get her. I would really like to avoid going the gift card/cash route if possible because her mom expressed disappointment that nobody even bothers getting gifts these days (at least in her circle). Can anyone recommend some awesome toys that she probably doesn't already have? Or something else amazing that I should be looking at? I'd like to spend no more than $50.