April 1st, 2014

Can I stop taking antibiotics after taking only one pill?

I am currently suffering from some sort of chest infection. For two weeks I have been coughing incessantly, wheezing, producing thick phlegm and being short of breath, particularly at night. I'm losing a lot of sleep because I keep waking up to cough, my chest hurts and I just can't get enough air in my lungs to be comfortable.
I went to the doctors yesterday and the doctor told me that it was most probably caused by a viral infection that cannot be treated with antibiotics. However, he prescribed me antibiotics anyway, saying that it was very unlikely but they could work. I took one pill last night.

I now am regretting taking it. I do not want to have to go through an entire course of antibiotics for something that should just get better by itself, but I of course do not want to get worse by stopping the antibiotics. I have only taken one pill but I really have no idea if it will have started taking effect and if the bacteria will have built up any immunity to it (and therefore causing more illness) after one pill.

Do you think it would be sensible to not take any more, or to go through the entire course? If you have ever had acute bronchitis, how long did you have it for? Thanks in advance

ETA: thanks for the advice everyone. I still think the doctor prescribing the antibiotics to me was in poor judgement, but that's irrelevant - I will continue the course.

Honoring the Last Request

Someone you're close to dies. It's sad. However, your friend had an unusual request for his/her final resting place or treatment of the body. Which of these requests would you honor? Anything you don't check, it's assumed you find it too difficult to honor or it flat out offends you, and you ignore the last wish

Your friend wants one last drunken bash with his/her friends. The instructions are that two friends (you're one of the two mentioned) must have adventures, Weekend at Bernie style through the city, from bar to bar
This is one from Johnny Depp. Your friend wants to be pickled in a cask of brandy, and everybody must drink a cup and toast him/her
Viking funeral. You're asked to be the one to drop the torch
Cremation. You're asked to spread the ashes at Disneyland. You'll have to be really discreet. It's illegal
Cremation. Your friend wants the ashes to be scattered through the air via skyjump. You've been asked to execute this wish
Your friend wants to be buried in a certain cosplay outfit. Only you know how it looks and how it went. You're asked to dress his/her corpse up
Your friend wants his/her funeral to be zany. You've been requested to lead a secret flash mob dance group, which is supposed to break out in the middle of the wake
Your friend was a nerd of the Star Trek/Tolkien variety. You must give your funeral speech entirely in either Klingon or Elven
This request involves not the body or the service, but the request is that you (specifically you) must visit a strip club and get lapdances from your friend's favorite strippers, and tell them the news during the naked dance
Your friend always fantasized about having a one night stand but lacked the courage to do so. The request is that you must have a one night stand in his/her memory. Only you would know if the request was honored

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Has anyone here used the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) as your only form of birth control (aside from condoms)? What was your experience with it?

If you watched the series finale of How I Met Your Mother: what did you think?

I actually really liked it. Wasn't what I was expecting at all, but I thought it was a good end to the series. I can see why a lot of people hate it, though.

Beware of spoilers in the comments.
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Baby silliness

So, in less than a month my husband and I will start trying for conception. This is our first child, and while I have a lot of experience with children around age 4 months onward, I lack in knowledge of pregnancy and giving birth.

Question: What should I expect, that most people gloss over? What's it like to have an alien creature swimming around inside you for nine-ten months?

Serious/Non serious answers accepted! 
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What is a nicer way to say "I'm sorry you're struggling with [whatever], but it's not my problem/not my responsibility"?
Assume that whatever the problem is, it truly isn't this person's responsibility.
(I know it's vague but just -- is there an alternative phrase for "not my problem!"?)


where did you last go on vacation and how did you like it?

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you're talking to some old person and they say "back in my day, we weren't afraid to beat the fear into our kids! and teachers could beat them too and dammit everyone BEHAVED and never talked back!"

what would you say to counterpoint that argument, that the problem with kids these days is that they're just not slapped around enough?

*edit* I asked for counterpoints, people. not "would you just walk away"... duh, that'd be easy.
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Is April Fool's Day a thing where you're from? Do you participate? Do you like it? If your home area or culture doesn't do April Fool's Day, is there another day where people are expected to play pranks on each other, and do you like and participate in it?

I really dislike April Fool's Day and I can't wait for it to be over so I can go back to trusting everyone again. I'm grateful that I didn't have to leave the house at all today this year, so all I have had to deal with is online stuff.

DK/DC: I have a ton of nail polish and I like to paint my nails, but the last two times I've done so I have noticed that the polish chips super easily. I can't figure out why. I use good-quality polishes and I always use both a base coat and a top coat. I also don't put excessive amounts of polish on. I always make sure to wash my hands first so my nails aren't covered in lotion or anything. I'm not doing anything differently than I have ever done things and I'm not using any products I haven't used before. The only time I had this problem in the past it was because the nail polish was super cheap. Like, entire nails' worth of polish would flake off in my sleep. The top coat I'm using is kind of old, though. Is it possible for stuff like that to go bad and to make a manicure chip more easily? Or could there be something else I'm doing wrong?
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1) Have you ever lost your debit card? If so did you find it? If you found it, where did you find it?

2) Have you ever broken something that you thought was important to someone only to find out it was 'no big thang' when you told them?

3) Do you often get your neighbor's mail or mail for people that make you think your postal worker just don't care anymore? Have you ever reported them?
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