March 31st, 2014


mousey, mousey mousey.

so, there is this mouse right? that keeps comming into my under cover area. i want to kill this mouse. i want to kill all it's babys. i want them all dead. but what i dont want is to kill a mouse if it has a nest of babys that will then starve and dehydrate slowly and painfully if i kill their mum. i'm fairly ok with killing them all quickly (humainly?), but not so keen on making them suffer. how can i tell if my mouse (if it is only one), is looking after a nest or not?
Larkin Skull


Hey TQC, long time no see!

When I sit down to do assignments, I have a whole array of bands that I like to listen to that get me in that assignment mood (The Fall of Troy, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Disturbed, The Gazette, Nicki Minaj, to name a few). They tend to be similar to the ones that get me in the mood for creative writing.

So, I decided to find something to listen to that I'd only use for assignment-specific writing, and found the Original Sound Tracks to the Death Note anime (if you haven't heard of it, Death Note is a ten-year-old manga series about notebooks that kill people, and one student's goal to use it to rid the world of evil. It's been described as the Japanese cross between Dr Faust, Sherlock Holmes and Richard III, with an abundance of sociopaths. It has a 37 episode anime, and three live action films (with a stage musical and another live action to follow, apparently)). It seems to get me into a productive thinking mood, so I feel like I'm turning a corner here. I hope that, if I'm lucky, watching the anime itself will make me want to focus on work.

What have you recently discovered in the world of music? What have you discovered in the world of attempting to study (If you're a student)? What have you discovered in general?
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jesus crust

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If you're a parent, what is something that other parents do that you secretly judge? What is something that other parents do that you judge loudly/openly?

Everyone, share your best story about kids/parents gone wild. What is the craziest/wildest/rudest/most obnoxious thing that you've witnessed other kids or parents do?
General Chang

Real 1st world Problem this one.

So late April is my birthday. And my family's asking for a list of stuff I'd like as gifts.

Trouble is. I don't know what To ask for. Beyond three things.

Game Of Thrones Series 2
Thor: The Dark Word
The Mauritius Command by Patrick O'Brien

I've got all The Dresden Files novels now. And I'm only halfway through The Star Trek DS9 boxset I got for christmas. So I don't want to ask for more of that.

So what should I ask for? Reccomendations for books and dvds or other stuff as well if you like.

What would you ask for for yourself at the moment?