March 28th, 2014

Radio shows

TQC, do you have any morning radio shows you listen to that aren't hosted by complete jerks?

My (formerly favorite) started making a habit of giving away concert tickets by just having people call them up and answer random questions. Only every time it's a woman that calls they ask her something mega personal and inappropriate. Yesterday they kept hounding a woman to tell them what her pubes looked like. This morning they had some guy call up his girlfriend to accuse her of cheating with a male friend, to the point where she starts crying, at which point they started laughing at her and calling her a bitch. I couldn't tell if she confessed to cheating or not but they way they behaved really put me in a mood.

Home decor

Can you help me shop for throw pillow covers? Prefer to stay under $10-$15 for a cover.

I have this sweet ass, totally random owl playing a banjo pillow on my couch ( photo below) and I need something equally sweet ass and random to go with it.

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Whats your favorite piece of home decor?

Mine is the sign below, we stole it from a phosphorous mine when I was a kid.

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I gave up drinking for lent and tonight is the first time I'm going to a bar and not drinking. Normally I decline the invites, but it's my best friend's birthday.

I have never been the only sober one in a bar full of my friends before. For any of you non-drinkers, how do you not lose your fucking mind around wasted people? I'm not worried about not having fun, I'm worried that I will be very annoyed haha.
she blinded me with science!

GIS nerds?

For loading data into Google Maps, do I want EPSG 4326 or EPSG 3857? I read something that suggested I need some freakish hybrid of EPSG 3857 projection with coordinates specified in EPSG 4326 format. If that's true, is there any tool I can use to convert an existing shapefile to that CRS?

DK/DC: Do you ever Facebook-stalk your friends' other circles of friends? Do your friends mostly run in cliques of people who are approximately as attractive and interesting as they are? Do you?