March 27th, 2014


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Have you been nominated on facebook for anything recently?
No make selfie? makeup selfie? cock in a sock? neknomination?

Did you do it? Why/why not?
Would you do any of those if you were nominated?

I was nominated for a no makeup selfie, but considering I don't wear makeup and already donate £8 a month to Cancer Research UK, I didnt really see the point.
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Hey TQC, what little things does your SO/roommate/closest friend do that drive you crazy? Go ahead and vent!

My SO/roommate/closest friend is perfect/forever alone/don't know and/or care: What kind of music are you into lately? Any new artists/albums you're discovered?

(I truly apologize for my slash abuse)

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I posted last week about my friend needing to change an international flight. We're going to Iceland, booked tickets in January, and somehow we all managed to get different return flights. Not a problem for the person leaving on the right day and the person leaving a day later, but it is a problem for my friend, who is leaving a day early, when we're supposed to be driving around the coast of Iceland. We could bring her in and cut our road trip short (not ideal). Otherwise they want $400 for her to change the flight. Is there any way around this, at all?

Icelandair. Anyone have any ideas?

Age difference

Here´s a scenerio. A person in their mid-30s is strongly attracted to a good friend who´s about 20 years old. The 30-something-year-old feels that the age difference is too great to act on this attraction, but the attraction persists (as they often do). How should the person handle this situation?

Have you ever been attracted to someone whose age greatly differed from your own (older or younger)? What did you do?

ETA: OK, yes the older person is me. I guess it wasn´t particularly subtle. ; ) ... I wanted to add that I actually am already in a committed relationship, but my partner is very open to me experimenting with other people. The idea is that we are the most important people in each other´s lives (my partner and I), and there are agreed upon rules about what I can and can´t do. But my point is that it would necessarily NOT be anything serious with the 20-year-old. Just a little experimentation and a little fun. Would you say that changes things significantly, as opposed to if I were looking for a relationship?
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When's the last time you forgot something but it turned out okay in the end?

Inspired by the eggs that I forgot to put in a cake I was baking, but the cake is very tasty anyway and still quite moist.
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Should I try to get Kate Bush tickets tonight? I live in Oregon and the concert is in London but she hasn't toured since 1975 so it's a pretty once in a lifetime opportunity.

I cannot decide at all. Pros: Kate Bush, excuse to travel around Europe for a few weeks. Cons: I'm not rolling in money, I've already been to London and the UK isn't top on my list (but Iceland and the Netherlands are), I might be going to Europe for grad school in a year or two anyway.
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deferring student loans?

hey tqc, i have a question about student loans and whether i'm a candidate for deferring them. i applied under the economic hardship, because i'm in a lot of credit card debt (though not nearly as much as i once was) and just financed a car, so between what i spend on bills + car, i barely have money for groceries (but not to the point that i'd qualify for SNAP, or so i've been told).

i did say that i'd like to continue paying my interest, but i'm still wondering what the likelihood of being approved is?

fwiw, i'm aggressively paying down my bills with the extra money i do have, so i'll be able to start full payments on the loan in a year.

DK/DC: Do you use perfume/cologne? If so, what kind?

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Help! Does anyone have any remedies/cures/whatever for insomnia? Mine has been getting worse...I've been up for 83ish hours. I go to see my doctor Monday...but I'd like to sleep before then. Help?

Dk/dc...what's the longest you've gone without sleep?


Dog keeps vomiting

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this one, but I am very prone to anxiety and overreacting... so I'd like to get some impartial opinions.

I have two dogs. Cory - six year old German Shepherd. Poppy - 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier. At 3.30 this morning, Cory woke me up by vomiting multiple times all over the house. Initially I didn't think too much of it, he's always had a bit of a sensitive stomach and it happens from time to time - I figured he had eaten too fast or something. He seemed fine today, although I withheld food just to be safe. 30 minutes ago (at 11pm) he vomited again and this time the bile was reddish in colour, which I am worried means the presence of blood somewhere.

So to sum up: He's vaccinated and wormed, but has always had sensitive stomach. But he has vomited multiple times in a 24 hour period, and the last time contained what made have been blood. He seems well in general; he's been running about and playing, drinking normally and showing an interest in wanting to eat.

He has behaviour issues with strangers and so I really don't want to drag him off to the vet and have him undergo a bunch of tests if it's not necessary, but at the same time I am worried that it may be something serious that I am overlooking.

So what would you do? Make an appointment with the vet first thing in the morning? Keep monitoring him and see if anything changes in the next 24 hours? Panic? Don't panic?

Also is there anything I can do at home to ease his discomfort?
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