March 26th, 2014


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Random question... I'm having a baby (due May 23), and my baby shower is on April 5. For the thank-you notes, I was thinking it'd be cute to send each person a picture of the baby using whatever they bought as a gift, but do you think two months is too long to wait to send out thank-you notes? (I'd write them ahead of time and just take the photos after the baby is born.)
Genghis Kong

Monsters Ball

So they find a way to clone dinosaurs off amber-encased DNA, hypothetically. New technology, and there's a lot of dinosaurs they can clone. This mass cloning becomes so mundane that businesses form around them. Which of these dinosaur-related businesses would you patronize?

Raptor petting zoo (these are the ones covered in feathers, not the Spielberg raptors). You can feed them meats
Brontasaurus rides
Triceratop ribs (just like the Flintstones!)
Raptor hunting range
Dinosaur zoo (just like Jurassic Park)
T-Rex leather boots
Dinosaur omelettes (out of their enormous eggs)
Pygmy diplodocus (they grow as big as a dog)

Let's say Bigfoot was captured. Holy cow, he's real! What would you like to see happen to him?

Studied exclusively for science
Put on display, like a travelling zoo, going city to city
Released back into the wild
Same as above, except they mount a camera on him, so we can study his habits
Clones. Let's get oodles of him

Hypothetical. You're in the woods, camping (sure, why not?). As you're gathering firewood, alone, you hear a stick crack under foot. You turn to the sound, and see a 7' tall humanoid. It's large and muscular and bipedial, covering in brownish hair, shambling along. Its arms seem to be of average human length, stopping around the crotch-level, and swing side to side when walking, much more human than ape. It doesn't notice you as it continues its way to its cryptozoological destination. What is it you think you saw?

It...must have been a bear. It's the woods. It was an unusual kind of bear
Orangutan, but what is one of them doing in the woods?
Hallucination. What was in that moonshine?
Probably one of my friends fucking with me

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What was the last book(s) you bought or borrowed?

Among Others - Jo Walton
Wool - Hugh Howe
Use of Weapons - Iain M. Banks

What are some things you need to get done?

Will you share pictures of your favourite places in your home?

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Okay, guys. Let's say that at work, in the bathroom, one of the light bulbs isn't working, so that the lights are very dim. When you go to the bathroom, it's pretty dark. Then the light is fixed, and you notice that somebody peed all over the toilet seat. You know that you've sat on it once since then, because when you look back, you realize that you noticed *something* on the toilet seat, but it didn't register in your brain at the time. But you know the pee was dry, at least, because you didn't feel anything.

When you get home, do you...

Do nothing
Take a shower
Change your underwear
Change your pants
eiffel tower

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TQC, I know I ask you guys for help with school-related things a lot, but I am serious need of your help.

What's a nice, non-tattle-tale way to write to the head of the department about how lacklustre and irresponsible a certain professor has been?

There are two weeks of class left and we haven't received any grades; he still hasn't gotten around to marking our essays that we handed in seven weeks ago. We have a final paper worth 50% of our grade due in two weeks, but he wasn't in class today and hasn't communicated anything about the paper with us. This class meets once a week, so if he explains it in class next week, that will give us one week to write this paper (we have no idea how long it's supposed to be).

He did explain to us that he has some ongoing medical issues, which I am very sympathetic towards, but at the same time, I feel like some kind of accommodations should have been made if he can't complete his work in a reasonable amount of time. I don't want to whine, but it's not fair to leave us in the dark about our grades and assignments.

Basically, I don't think he's all that into teaching or grading or anything, and I'm worried about that. I don't know exactly how to express what I'm worried about, but this status of this class has me feeling uneasy. Any tips? Suggestions? Ideas?

Edit: Since it has come up a couple times, yes, I have tried to communicate with him to no avail (obviously, there are two weeks of class left and he still hasn't done anything for the class).

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When can a wedding band come off?

what happens in Vegas ...stays in Vegas
when one partner says
when one of you gets a lawyer
when the seperation agreement is signed
when your stuff/his stuff hits the front lawn/door
when the locks get changed
when the friends/children take sides
when the decree is final
when the condo/house/boat is finally sold
haji you don't have a profile on OK CUPID yet???

NO 2: when one partner says "I break with thee I break with thee I break with thee"