March 25th, 2014

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I tried using the search facility but it's pretty shabby, so if this has been asked previously, apologies,

What TV series would you recommend me?
I'm a fan of Community, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Once Upon A Time, Friends, The Big Bang Theory

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How culturally diverse is the area you live in? Do you like it that way?

I moved from my very white, middle class hometown to a big city, smack in the middle of the Hasidic Jewish quarter. It's odd to have such a drastically different lifestyle than all your closest neighbours!
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Migraine sufferers, do you ever get a fever with your migraines? I do, pretty much every time. It varies, but it's usually between 100-102 degrees fahrenheit. I've read this is more common in children, but I'm nearly 24 so not a child (generally speaking).

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Hey everyone.

My brother-in-law and his wife just unexpectedly had their first baby at 36w4d. The baby is okay, but is having some problems with his lung pressure and so is in the nicu unit until they are functioning better.

My husband and I and our son are going up to see them on Thursday and I want to bring them something. Of course I can always go with the balloon/flower etc route, but I thought I'd first try to get some other ideas.

For anyone who has been through this or something similar, what would you have liked to receive? I'd rather it not be food, unfortunately, because both of the new parents are diabetic and have other food issues that I am not 100% sure about. Otherwise I would bring them a home cooked meal.

Thanks TQC. :D


I need some new shoes. Casual shoes for walking around in that go with jeans and are easy to put in (I look after a three year old and getting his shoes and jacket on takes long enough - trying to get my converse-y shoes on just doesn't happen). Free delivery to Germany or the UK also necessary :)

Any tips for brands to look for?

These are the only ones I've found so far:
Music - Lynn Smile

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What do you think of this list of 10 Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind? Are there any you've thought of before? Any other favorite fan theories that aren't included?

Personally I've had whole debates with my boyfriend over #7. I've brought that up before (mainly saying that she only contacted Forrest when she got sick because she knew he'd take care of Forrest Jr) but my boyfriend gets so mad because I'm "ruining his childhood" and he won't listen to it lol. I also love #3 and #8.

House guests

Dear TQC,

My cousin and her husband didn't get to go on a honeymoon after they got married last summer. I live near a fun touristy area (DC) far away from my family, and am constantly inviting my family and friends to visit my husband and me because I miss them. She's taking me up on my offer - yay! - because they want to take a late honeymoon but don't have a lot of money, and they're staying with us for almost a week.

They'll be the first people besides my parents to stay with us for any longer than a night.

What am I forgetting in my house guest preparations?
What kinds of food should I have available? (She was very unhelpful when I asked; she said they'll eat anything. haha, not helpful at all.)
What little touches have you liked when you stayed as a house guest with someone?

FWIW, we're both in our 20s (she's mid, I'm late, my husband's the oldest of us at 30), and I am super broke or I'd be all "yay ordering takeout every single night!" I'm also unemployed and as such am home all day while my husband will be pretty busy with work and school, so here's another question - how do I keep from seeming like I'm breathing down their necks all the time?