March 21st, 2014

Free stuff!

So, since I have very very few lady friends, and even fewer who are "big"...Ill ask here.

I have two coupons for $25 off a $50 purchase at Lane Bryant.

Anyone want them? First two people to comment get one each?

I cannot afford to shop there even with the coupons apparently, and I feel bad tossing them....

Online and in store usage.

Dont want them? Whats the last nice thing you did for someone random?

evil queen

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Background: You've been in a relationship for a few years, cohabiting. You've both struggled financially, but otherwise the relationship is good. You've sold things that really mattered to you, like an expensive camera or two, a guitar, a computer, to help you get by, meanwhile your SO still has guitars and music equipment. You come into some money. They want you to spend it on them. You've had discussions about this before and promises that they'll keep your wants and needs in mind more often but this last action shows that those conversations probably went nowhere.

Question: Is it time to leave?

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1. Would you describe what was wrong with the worst house or apartment that you've ever lived in?

2. If it was the only job you could find, would you be willing/able to be an executioner for the government of a country/state with capital punishment? (If you don't take the job, the condemned will be killed anyway by someone else)


i recently got a survey from my undergrad about my degree program department, what i liked, what classes were best, stuff about electives, instructors/professors, etc.

and anyway, it made me remember how much i really loved this one professors classes. they were electives and im not sure if hell have access to the survey results since it was sent by the department, and he's not in that department, just his classes were cross over for electives credit.

on a scale of 1-10 how weird would it be to drop him an email that says how much i enjoyed and learned from his classes?

i graduated 7 years ago if that effects the weirdness factor. i didnt have any kind of personal relationship with the professor and in the 2 years of classes i only went to his office hours once. i very much doubt he'd remember me.

dk/dc/i dont email, telegraphs FTW!: do you have a march madness bracket going? whod you put money on to win?

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Those of you with kids, I have a couple of friends who are soon to have their first baby, and I am planning to make them some baby clothes, and I want to give them things they're most likely to use. The babies are both boys, both due in May, in Southern Ontario. My options are onesies (snap fasteners at the crotch, no legs, with long sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves), tops (which stop at the waist, so no crotch fastening; again, long sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves) and leggings/trousers/pants (with or without stretchy cuffs at the ankle); I can do any combination of the above, and I have some appropriate soft stretchy knit fabric, in cool designs (some abstract colourful stuff, some with dinosaurs, some with lizards, and some with rocket ships and planets). What is likely to be most useful to them? What did your babies wear most in their first few months?
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Also, I'm going for a girls' weekend in Boston in May; where should I stay, and what's good to do?

Ear candling

Ear candling - have you ever had it done? If so, why did you get it done, and did it help? Would you recommend it? What was it like? How much did it cost?

This question is brought to you by my left ear, which has been driving me crazy for days. It feels like there’s something in it, and q-tips have probably just pushed it in farther. I’m getting desperate. :-(