March 20th, 2014

I Tried Phone Sex
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Which username do you like more TQC?


I think they're all decent usernames but the friend that asked my input is picky and it has to be the new perfect name. What do you think of users that frequently change their usernames?

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Would you shop at stores whose managers' values don't align with your own?
(Supporting or not supporting benefits for employees, hiring or not hiring illegal immigrants, etc.)

Follow up:
Is ignorance bliss in this scenario? If you'd shopped there before would you stop once you found out?
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I have a job interview for a full-time receptionist job tomorrow and I'm very nervous. It'll be my first interview for a non-retail job ever, and my first interview in two years. Do you have any tips or advice? I have no doubts that I can do the job, but I am worried that I won't come across as confident or assertive enough in the interview.

I plan to wear a pencil skirt that hits me just above the knees, a green blouse, black cardigan, nude hose, and modest heels. Does this sound appropriate? Should I wear jewelry at all?

Dk/dc: which flavor of hummus would you rather eat: garlic, curry, or olive?

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1. Have you made any "big"/expensive purchases on the internet?

2. What did you buy?

3. Are you super thorough about the electronics you purchase? (reading reviews, going on youtube, comparing prices on the web + in stores)

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I just threw an entire mug of hot pumpkin soup over my lap, and it splashed EVERYWHERE. I swear the mug did a roly poly out of my hand.

I've got it off myself, the wooden floor, the piles of books that were on the floor (new bookcase is half finished), chair, desk and wall, but I'm struggling with the splashes on the carpet - any ideas of how to clean it up?

Could you tell me about a time you were really clumsy to make me feel better and like I'm not the only one?

This isn't the first time I've had a hot soup incident. Once I opened the bottom of a blender (like one of those jug ones) full of hot tomato soup. Ouch. I had marks from the burns on my hands/wrists for weeks and I'm not sure my granny's floor ever recovered.
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TQCers who have brackets for the NCAA Tournament, did you pick Ohio State over Dayton? Spoiler alert: Buckeyes lost by one point.

Who do you have winning the championship?

How do you think you'll do overall?

Are you participating in Warren Buffet's One Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge?

If you don't have a bracket, what is the last book you read? Would you recommend it?
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Verizon help, please?

I got a new phone on Monday and I’m very unhappy with it. Am I able to exchange it for a different phone? The reason being that the battery drains very quickly, even after I’ve done what both Verizon and Apple have suggested. I haven't used it that much at all today and it's already down to 60%, and all the apps are closed.

I was disappointed in my last Android based phone, which is why I’ve had an iPhone for awhile. Give me some reasons why I should go back. The last time I had one, it lagged and restarted all the damn time.

tl;dr: hate my new phone. can i exchange it. what should i get?
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Pros and cons of an English degree? Pros and cons of a psychology degree? Bearing in mind I don't necessarily know what I would do yet in those fields.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for your responses. It sounds like English might be the way to go for me.

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carly aquilino (the redhead on girl code) shared that to keep her skin looking flawless, she uses ginseng oil, avocado oil, and olay regenerist serum three times daily (morning, before makeup, bedtime) with dove soap as her facial cleanser.

what are your beauty secrets?
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Just Curious

I've been into fandom (fanfic/fandvids/etc.) for years and I never thought much about it because I'm single. I can do what I want, who cares what anyone else thinks? But lately I've been dating and, though I have cut back a LOT all on my own already, I have no desire to give up being a fangirl. I know that many, many people in fandom have boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives and are still very active in it.

So for those of you actually into this stuff -- would you tell your Significant Other about your obsession? Would you keep it a secret? Or would you cease your fandom activities altogether just so you wouldn't have to go through the trouble of telling your SO about it?