March 19th, 2014

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Insipired by this:

What are the most off-putting job postings/job offers you've ever come across?


If a job posting asks for "experienced" candidates, and you have experience with the skill sets they are asking for, but don't have a previous job or a degree/certificate to prove it, how do you handle it in a job application or interview?

Sexy bra help.

Husband wants me to buy the bra shown below, I have a 44F bust that is anything but perky...its not going to work is it?

Im picturing my boobs just kind of...blubbering all over the top, nipple hidden somewhere below the massiveness of my boobs.


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Lotion/Dish Soap

What is the strongest moisturizing lotion out there? I wash bottles many, many times a day in addition to doing dishes and other household chores. Because of it, my hands are so dry that they are cracking and getting bloody. I need the best lotion out there. I've already tried vaseline lotion and gold bond lotion. Also, are there any moisturizing dish soaps that you use that work well? Any advice welcome.

DK/DC: What is your favorite vegetable? Fruit?