March 17th, 2014

baby yoshi

Let's discuss adoption

Are you adopted?

If yes, do you know who your birth parents/family are? How did you come to meet them? How did you feel about it?
If you don't know them/haven't met them, would you like to know who they are or meet them? Have you tried looking for them?

If you're not adopted (but also for those who are), would you consider adopting children yourself?

(no subject)

How prepared are you for an emergency/disaster situation? Do you have a ~family evacuation or shelter plan in place? Emergency and first aid kits? Food, water, supplies, radio, (weapons?), etc?

For your area, what is the most likely type of natural disaster you may face, and how prepared are you to deal with this? How about for the zombie apocalypse?

Have you already experienced a catastrophic disaster of some kind and had to rely on your previously-prepared emergency plans/supplies? How did that go?

(no subject)

Is it tacky to have a baby shower for a second (or third or whatever) baby? Does that change depending on the age gap between the children? What if there was no baby shower for the first baby for whatever reason?

(no subject)

TQC, my boyfriend has been a star lately (looking after me after a few hospital trips and general unwellness not to mention just how supportive he is). I often feel he does more for me than I can ever do for him- I'm just 'higher maintenance' but I want to pay him back in some way. I would cook a nice meal but that's something we do quite frequently anyway. Any suggestions?

Dk/dc- last time someone did something nice for you? What about you for someone else?

(no subject)

Do you celebrate cultural/national/religious holidays? If you do, how much does authenticity matter to you? For example, do you celebrate religious holidays of a religion you don't usually practice, or of a culture to which you have no links? Do you celebrate in a way which is traditional, or which aligns with the traditional meaning of the holiday? (This question brought to you by the culture clash experienced by a Brit with Irish heritage seeing St Patrick's day celebrated in North America, with mardi gras beads, pinching people to protect them from leprechauns, and ruining the beer.)

Do what now with your phone?

My husband has a Motorola Triumph with Virgin Mobile.

Neither of us are very phone-savvy, he wants to be able to upgrade the OS as its stuck with android 2.2 (I think), whats the safest way to "root" it? He is worried about screwing it up/getting a that even possible on a phone?


(no subject)

I am doing a presentation tomorrow with a classmate. At this point it's 9pm the night before and I have not heard from my partner or gotten her part of the presentation, despite her telling me she would email it to me last Thursday. I'm doing this presentation on my own aren't I?

Do you have any bad group work stories to share?