March 16th, 2014


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lets say you're dating someone, and you spend *a lot* of time with this person. you know that neither of you are seeing anyone else.

how long do you wait before having the talk about becoming 'official'? what do you say about folks that might treat you like a significant other, but don't want to put a label on things?

I ask because I've been dating a guy for over 4 months now, and we see each other pretty much every day.. and I just reached out to him to ask where this is going and if we're an official thing. I'm just scared :\

Dog owners!

What is the best way to wash dog clothes and get all the hair off?
I'm washing my chihuahua's sweater, harness, and winter coat, but there is SO much hair. (I realize now I need to wash more frequently but this winter was so cold I didn't even like her being in the house without at least a sweater.)

For those who don't have this problem, what is the weather like? If it's nice, are you doing anything to celebrate the weather?

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TQC, what is your opinion on exclusive spaces? Like, women-only, or POC-only, or knitters-only (no crocheters!), or Man U fans only, or whatever? Online or IRL spaces which are intended only for people from one particular group and not for those from outside that group; good thing, bad thing, necessary or useless? Should they be visible or invisible? Like, is a woman-only space more useful, or more ethical, if men can see, but not participate in, the discussions? Is it best, or enough, simply to define spaces as X-only, and trust non-X people to respect that, or can/should/must X-only spaces be policed to ensure that non-X people don't intrude? Are there some groups who can and should have an X-only space, and others who should not? Is it OK for minorities and not majorities, for example? OK for non-chosen attributes (race, gender, sexuality, culture of birth, for example) but not for chosen attributes (religion, hobbies, lifestyle)?

DK/DC; do you have any living plants in your home? What are they?
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My boyfriend and I are visiting Chicago next weekend. What should we make sure to do/see/eat/drink? We're staying in the River North neighborhood. Daytime activities and nighttime stuff that isn't fancy nightclub-type stuff is more interesting to us - we like to drink but prefer not to do the loud/expensive scene.

dk/dc: What was the last disappointing purchase you made?
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Yesterday I did a local Spring Handmade Market event at a middle school. (I have a small handmade goods business that I own/run/etc by myself.) I've done a bunch of these types of events over the last 8 years but I feel like I'm still so awkward when it comes to standing there selling my wares.

I lay out my booth in a pleasing way and basically just smile and say hello to anyone who comes in and checks my stuff out. I'm TERRIBLE at smalltalk.

If you were to be shopping at a market like that, how would you want the proprietor to interact with you? I've always eschewed a hard-sell approach whether I'm on the giving side or the receiving end. Do people ever look to be sold on something?

So I say "Hi!" or "Good morning!" or "How are you!" and follow up with a "Please let me know if you have questions or need help with anything" and that's it. I stand there and give them there time to browse.
But then I feel weird just standing there. And I don't want to feel like I'm pressuring them into staying and buying. I don't want to straighten up while they're browsing because the booth is small and that would be awkward. Sometimes I will sit down in a chair and knit. But then I feel like I'm not paying attention to my customers.
I don't know! My sales are good but I wouldn't mind improving my approach and interaction if it needs tweaking.

Can you give me some advice?

Do you want to talk to the artisan? Do you want to be left alone? Would you feel slighted if the person was sitting there knitting? Or reading even?

the color of underpants

Every day last week I had to work out very early in the morning (instead of on my way back home from work at night), so I had to shower there before heading out to the office. Morning is busy at the gym, and the locker room was always full of ladies of various ages, shapes, and sizes. I was amazed by how many of them had plain white cotton underpants (some full-on granny style), including women under 30 (I didn't see any teenagers at that hour, though)--like 75% of the women there. I don't own even one pair of these mighty whiteys. So, women of TQC, do you own and wear a lot of white cotton underpants?

DC/not a woman: what color are most of your socks?

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Do you belong to a CSA or know someone who does? How do you like it? What do you get for the price? What made you decide to join? Interested in hearing your experiences, either with meat or produce.

numerical information, mindy

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What is your age? How much older or younger than yourself would you be willing to date?

How much of an age gap do you need to see before you start side eying? I'm sure various factors could influence this, so discuss!

Would you date someone with kids? Do you have kids?
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I got in trouble at work, so I'm currently suspended, pending investigation. It was something stupid in the first place, but my job is actually on the line.

I also have anxiety, so I'm freaking out.

TQC, can you help me by imagining the WORST outcome of this?
I'm female, married, no kids. I really need this job. I want to think of the worst worst thing that can happen, so I can make my mind stop worrying so much, and I'm hoping over the top scenarios will overload my imagination to the point that I can laugh and relax a little.

DK/DC: pics of sexy people would also help