March 15th, 2014


Fun Things

If you could add something fun to do to your city or town or neighbourhood, what would you want added?

(inspired by people saying that 'there's nothing to do in my town/city')

If you could add something useful to your neighbourhood, what would you add?
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I have a presentation to do on Thursday that I am really nervous about. I hate speaking in front of large groups. Any advice on being more confident when publicly speaking?

What makes you really nervous?

It's funny because when I go out with my friends I'm usually one of the loud ones and I can talk to ANYONE and it doesn't even matter. But when I have to act "professional" I become a stuttering, mumbling mess.

Do you find your personality in social situations to be consistent, or does it change with the situation?
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need Java help

I am trying to play JT's Blocks on Yahoo! Games. Yes, I'm aware that I'm stuck in 1999. Anyway, when I try to load the game, I get this error:

Collapse )

I've downloaded all the latest updates, and I've gone into my Java control panel and added that site to the exception list (as well as http://*, but I still get the same error.

Anyone know how to fix this? I want to party like it's 1999, dammit.

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When you hear that someone is a garbage collector*-what is your first impressions of them.

*just for clarity sake: a person that goes house to house collecting the garbage you put out on garbage day.

My husband recently got a job as a garbage collector and tells me the daily interactions with citizens can be quite amusing sometimes.

Don't Care: What day is your garbage pick up? Mine is Thursday.
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BBC Believes You Only Read 6 of These Books...

I got 22. Though I didn't include The Five People you Meet in Heaven because I can't remember if I read it. I saw the movie. I'm somewhat convinced I also read the book but I can't rightly remember. I also didn't include Lord of the Rings because I read through the first one and about a quarter of the second before I had to stop. Narnia Chronicles, I read some of them but not all of them. And a lot of Shakespeare but not all of it.

As a fairly avid reader, I'd have thought I'd read more.

How many have you read?

Which one would you recommend to us?

Are any on your "To Read" list?

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Thanks for all the answers everyone's ever given me in the past. You guys are fantastic and earn internet cookies/cake/donuts/etc. <333 ...But anyway now I need answers again. (Sorry guys.)

Do you ever feel like your only ever approached/messaged/spoken to if a person or multiple people need something from you? Do you ever feel like your the only one that messages a "friend" or "friends"? I always feel like I'm ignored or treated like I don't exist unless I message/approach first (most of the time messages go completely unanswered by people - I always assume they are busy and I really just want to shoot the breeze, so no big deal there) or if they "need" me to do something. The latter really irks me because if I can't for whatever reason (usually not having time or not knowing how to do something) then I get read the riot act and treated like garbage or I'm dropped as a friend entirely.

I normally do try/go out of my way to help people and I always feel guilty when I can't or can only do so much. Some people might ask me often but they do try to help me back or pay me back and that's totally fine with me, but most do not and if I need help refuse to help me or even acknowledge me and most of the time I don't really care because I can handle most things on my own and prefer to. But, there's always that one time when you at least need someone around, you know?

A recent example - Friend A needs help with a home assignment in our one class. I agree to meet her the night before it's due to help her but warn her to try to answer what she can before then and we'll go over formatting which is worth 6-7 points and citing 3-4 points of the 20-25 they are. Friend does not do this and when I do meet with her instead of trying to work complains about said prof for hours while on Facebook and then starts going off on me and calling me a "teachers pet" because I have been getting better grades (also doing more the amount required because this is a higher level class and the more work you do, the better off you are on tests). The main problem is that she does not seem to be doing all the questions and isn't formatting the assignments correctly. She also is writing one sentence answers to questions that should be a paragraph or longer. I pointed that out when she shows me her past assignments (her grades on them were not "good" and I agreed and she gets annoyed/pissy and goes back on the "I don't mean to offend you but...teachers pet" stuff. At this point I feign being ill and leave because I had enough. If you don't understand a question or how to format, okay. But, I'm not giving direct answers, at most website or two if it's something not in our textbook or that easy to find, and I'm not going to sit there and be treated like crap either.

(The other recent was like this but an older friend getting P.O.'d at me for not remembering the name of some database and getting huffy when I mentioned having to go through my books and things to see if I had the name of it. I didn't so I did a web search and found a couple possible answers...but ugh.)

Is there any good way to handle this or make my feelings known and just not have anyone but also not have to feel worthless? Or should I not make them known and just keep letting things go on as they are so I'm not "lonely"?
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It's Purim!

Lots of drunken shenanigans to be had on Purim. A holiday inspired question. Do you have any funny, crazy, or exciting stories that involve you or someone else drinking/getting drunk?

DK/DC: Costumes are fun! What's the most interesting costume you've ever worn? What's the best costume you've seen someone else wear? Pictures welcome.