March 14th, 2014

  • duckay

Web content

Do you specifically follow any particular online personality/groups? (E.g. podcasts, streaming, bloggers, web series, etc). (ETA: Not follow as in following the person on social media, but as in actively keeping up with their content.)

Are you more or less likely to write / attempt to engage with an "internet celebrity" than someone who is predominately known for film/TV/novel-writing/etc? Why?
clockwork heart

What are you waiting for?

I am running for the Welfare Officer position at my Student Union at the polls have just closed, so I'm waiting for 6pm when the results are announced (I welcome all positive thoughts and good wishes sent my way!).

What are you currently waiting for TQC?

ETA: Well results have been announced and I won the election! I am officially the new Welfare Officer for the next academic year. It was really close, 76-72 between me and the runner up. Thanks for all your wishes. :D
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(no subject)

Do you have any advice for me on how to combat the feelings of worthlessness caused by job hunting? :(

Or advice to someone searching for their first non-retail/food service job? I feel like such a phony trying to talk myself up in cover letters and stuff when I haven't really done much of anything before. >_<

On a different note, I have somehow made it to 23 years old without ever having gone on a proper date, and I'm meeting a guy from OKCupid on Sunday for lunch. Srs/non-srs advice to help me have a good time/not stick my entire foot in my mouth? First-date stories would be great too, if you have one to share!
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Does anyone have any good (preferably cheap) dessert recipes which don't require an oven? My oven's thermostat is seriously out of whack and I've been craving cakes, but am willing to substitue for something else.

I tried microwave cupcakes before but wasn't overly thrilled. I am willing to try a better recipe than that?

DK/DC: What's your favourite dessert? Current favourite song?
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(no subject)

My freezer defrosted the other day. We managed to rescue a lot of stuff, but it needs to be eaten.

I'm about to make a quiche, but we have loads of pasta sauce (tomato based). If I mix some of that in to the quiche, will it be a disaster? Would it be better to mix it in with the eggs or pour it in the crust beforehand?