March 13th, 2014

exhausted bunny

just wondering

Why is it when I am really pushed for time and am behind in 'x' number of projects, there is tons of chatter here that I can't join in on. Yet when I have all sorts of time, LJ is quieter than the proverbial graveyard?
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Leg pain thoughts?

I'm having this really weird leg pain. It's on the outside of my right leg, below the knee, but closer to my ankle, but still in the leg area (like, it's definitely not an "ankle" issue). It hurts a lot when I put weight on it, or flex my leg, but doesn't hurt when I'm sitting still.

Does this sound like a hairline fracture? I really can't tell if it's muscular pain or bone pain. I fell off a curb the other day, and the pain started the day after that.

If you had this, would you go to a doctor, or just let it run it's course? I can still work, since I just sit at a desk most of the day, but it does hurt to drive and walk and do other things. I wonder if I'm just being a baby or if it's something I should have looked at.
Potassium perversion

Irrelevant juvenile poll of the day

A man wins 2 tickets to a One Direction concert and decides to attend. No one will join him so he goes alone. Is this gay?


A man pays for a hooker and she gives him oral sex in his car. Suddenly, her wig comes off, and he discovers with much surprise she was really his 10th grade geometry teacher, Mr. Macbain. Is this gay?


A creepy pervert in a bar puts his hand all the way up the plaid skirt of a longhaired girl, only to discover that it was really a Scottish man in a kilt who's also in a metal band. Is it gay?


An American man accidentally watches 5 minutes of gay German porn because he can't read German and thought the ladies would be coming onscreen Is it gay?


2 guys and a girl are having a threesome. Things are approaching climax for the two guys, when she suddenly stands up and runs for the bathroom, leaving the two men, who happen to be lying naked on the bed together with their collective erections. Is it gay?


A girl asks her boyfriend to hold her purse while she tries on clothes. He complies. In her shopping travels, she winds up on another floor and in a different store entirely without telling him. He wants to go and starts looking for her and can't find her, and her cell phone is in her purse. He starts walking around the mall with a purse over his shoulder, hunting for her, while everyone assumes that it's his. Is it gay?



A man and a woman make with the sex. The woman gets pregnant. Should the man be allowed to witness the birth? What if the woman doesn't want him there for some reason?

ETA: Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity, guys. This FB post was starting to scare me.
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Is Judikael too "Yoonique" of a name? The likelihood is that "Jude" or "Kael" would be the nickname, rather than using the whole name.

If it helps, this isn't a name we made up. It's a name from history, just not a supremely famous one.