March 11th, 2014

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Thank you gift for multiple people.

So my last day of student teaching in the classroom I'm in now is Friday. There is 1 main teacher and 4 teacher's aides in the class, all of whom I love and get along great with. I'm planning on giving the teacher a thank you gift of her own, but I'd love to get something for all of the teacher's aides as well. I was thinking of having an Edible Arrangement delivered, but they are so expensive. I don't have time to bake anything, and I feel like picking up a box of cookies or cupcakes at the store is sort of pathetic (Then again, I ALWAYS go above and beyond. It's a problem, haha). :/

Any ideas?
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How uptight does the US Border Security get about passports that are close to expiring?

I'm Canadian and my passport expires mid-July. We are driving from Manitoba to BC in June and thought we might drive back south of the border. I'm being vain and want to get my hair done before I take a new passport photo (seeing as how it will be on there for 10 years) but I can't afford to do so until May which will be too late to renew our passports before the trip without paying a ridiculous fee.

Blind Cat

(I took my cat to the emergency vet last night and she's going to the regular vet in three hours.)

Last night my 17 year old cat went blind.

Have you ever had a cat that developed blindness? How did the cat transition? Do you have any advice on how to help her adjust? Right now she just seems content to follow me around the house and be close to me.

My second cat, her companion since birth since they're from the same litter, has also been super hissy at my newly blind cat. My blind cat has always been the alpha of the two... is my second cat seeing this as a chance to vie for dominance?
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Malaysian Airlines

What do you personally think happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight that is STILL missing? Srs/non-srs.

I definitely think either a Lost-type situation, alternate reality or Dr. Who.

If you haven't heard: a flight took off from Kuala Lumpur at 16:41 GMT Friday and hasn't been spotted at ALL since, even though several countries are searching for wreckage/survivors/any clues. BBC Recap
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Telemarketers/Telephone scammers

I did this today.

What's the oddest/strangest/funniest/evillest thing you've done to a telemarketer/telephone scammer? Not including people doing surveys, I used to be one of those people, and they get paid by the completed survey, so I always do it for them.

ETA to clarify that I'm talking about scammers and telemarketers that are fronts for scams, trying to get your personal information or a credit card number so they can use it fraudulently. I'm polite to survey takers, and I tell legit telemarketers thanks, I'm not interested. I also tell them to put me on their do not call list.

Gallbladder issues

Has anyone had problems with their gallbladder? I had an attack the other night (first time) and went to the ER where they said I had gallstones and I would have to have it removed. I've been reading up on how to flush them out naturally vs. having the surgery. Has anyone heard about or tried flushing the stones out with apple juice and olive oil?

Tomorrow I get an endoscopy...anyone ever had one of those? Any experiences you care to share?

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What should I get my boss/host dad (I'm an au pair) for his birthday?

The family got me amazon vouchers for mine, but it seems kind of silly to give the guy who pays me money (even if it's not cash - vouchers are quite similar)... So now I'm stumped! I'll also be flying back the day of his birthday party so no time to bake something, which was a brief idea I had. Unless anyone has any recipes for tasty treats that travel well?

Maybe something British? (I'm from the UK, he's German but has lived in Scotland...) When I've asked the only thing he says he misses from the UK is curry.

He's a thirty-something year old guy with two kids. He likes playing with his kids, being outside, a martial art of some kind, Big Bang Theory and Waking Dead. Often drives long distances for work. Er... that's pretty much all I know about the guy!

While we're on it- what about for my mum?

What is your favourite weather?
We've not had a cloud in the sky for eight days now and it's glorious! Cold at night, but warming up to around 20 celsius in the day time, which is perfect for being outside in. And everything just looks so pretty in sunshine!
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Two Unrelated Topics

First topic is Nutrition and I have two questions.

1. In researching nutritional content of various foods lately, I´ve noticed that both fruits and vegetables seem to have a lot of THE SAME vitamins and minerals. Therefore, my question is why is it NOT okay to eat only fruits and no vegetables? (We all know that it´s not...)

2. What do herbs contain that make them so curative? We all know that vegetables are also important in maintaining health, and in a way do serve as medicine, but that herbs are more powerful medicinally. But in also researching nutritional content of herbs, I´ve just seen again a lot of the same vitamins and minerals. What is it that makes herbs so special in this context, as we know they are?

Second topic is scarcely related to the first.

Anyone else here a big Modest Mouse fan, as I am? ... Am I the only one worried about the possibility of Isaac getting lung cancer?

(Edited to reword that second topic for clarity!)