March 10th, 2014


Yes, this is 1983

Does anyone have any ideas for a He-man/She-ra themed birthday party? Decorations, food, games?

It's for a 5 year old, but it is not solely a kiddie party--it's going to be a large backyard barbecue with family and stuff, too. So outdoor games and clever or funny retro details only adults would catch are fine, too.
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Phone Settings

So, I bought a shiny! new! Samsung Galaxy S4 a couple of weeks back and in setting it up, I think I did something wrong.

I apparently can not send a text or pull up anything requiring bandwidth - i.e. maps, unless I am connected to a wifi network, not just a wireless network.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?  Because, ya'know, having the ability to pull up maps on the road if you're lost is kind of important!  *lol*

DK/DK:  What trips are you planning on this year?  Any neat cons on the horizon?
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The other night I went out with a group of coworkers for dinner at a local pub. One of the coworkers brought along her children and husband, which was fine. Myself and the family were the first to arrive at the pub, we were early, so we just ordered some drinks while we waited for the rest of the group arrived. Collapse )

Dk/dc: Have the actions or opinions expressed by a coworker outside of work change the way you think about them? How did you handle it?

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What should the subject of my cause/effect paper be? My last two papers for this class were pretty serious and I feel like doing something silly but I'm blanking on fun topics.