March 9th, 2014

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I have a recipe that calls for soaking tilapia in milk before breading and cooking it. Unfortunately, I thought we had more milk than we have, and I don't think I have enough milk to soak the tilapia and leave any for breakfast tomorrow morning. I do have some heavy cream though. Could I substitute that for the milk (maybe with a bit of water added to thin it out a little)?

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Good afternoon, thequestionclub. I am _subversion. You may call me _subversion (or M. where brevity is a consideration). I am pleased to be having this (prospective) conversation.
This is my first real involvement in the community (I've observed some activity for a month or two), and thus I am nervous.
So, I thought I would begin with a fairly slow-ball question about everyday preferences. It's a question for you, whether you randomly landed on this page while searching for something else, or came to the page to ask a question of your own.

Last week I was in a waiting room and I flipped through an edition of Time that had been placed on the coffee table. On one of the pages they had this intriguing measure of predictive statistics. That is, if you are X, then you have a high likelihood of doing Y. One of them stated that if you are a liberal (that is: you consistently vote for Democratic party members and subscribe to liberal ideals of governance), you are likely to prefer Safari as an internet browser. I thought that was intriguing. How could they possibly correlate liberal ideation (n.b. we're speaking here of modern liberalism with specific regard to America, where former President FDR had a defining influence on the worldview) with Safari usage?
In fact, I have some idea of how such predictions are done. It's a fortune-teller's trick. When you walk up to the teller and you are already throwing out all sorts of significances and claims about yourself (your posture, hair cut, clothes, speech, ethnicity, company). But: what about a Democrat could make her like Safari?
Anyway, this got me thinking of internet browsers in general. I almost exclusively use Safari (absent any connection with liberalism or conservatism), except in situations where it's unavailable. Why do I have such a strong preference for Safari? I like to use it because it is a very clean, simple, and straightforward. Up top I have a nice bar of the sites I visit a lot, my listing of tabs, and no other "clutter." When I do use Firefox, I always find it messy. But there has to be more to it than that. Are there any good explanations for browser preferences?

Which internet browser are you using today? Which do you like to use? Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Explorer? Why? Can anyone offer a strong explanation for their preference?


I am going to Japan with a guided tour for a week in the beginning of April.

It will be my first time overseas by myself, although I have traveled abroad with others. Is there anything I should keep in mind as a solo traveler? Since I will be alone and am female, I'm thinking of sticking with the group probably the whole time or making sure someone is with me if there's free time.

Any tips? In general, if I get separated, with airports, etc. I'll be in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. I'm excited, especially since I should get to see Cherry Blossoms :3
Glenn and Maggie

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I have a question for those who live or have lived in a college dorm.
If it is a weekend in a college dorm, and people are partying, do you/would you complain about it? Or would you accept that you live in a college dorm and people in college like to party?
What would be your deal-breaker? (partying past a certain time, running up and down stairs, etc).

What do you/did you do for fun in college?

When was the last time someone did something really nice for you?
When was the last time someone really pissed you off?