March 7th, 2014

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i can't seem to google the right stuff, because i cant get the correct answer for this. i started a youtube channel and i want to be able to link to it using my username, a la but all i have is something weird and LOOONG, like$pa. how can i make it do this? i can't find anything in settings, and it didn't ask me when i created it. i know it's possible because a couple of the people i watch, not just popular channels, have this. HALP!

I am Your Dennnntist!

I have been told I have very soft teeth. This sucks. Cavities get discovered almost every time I go to the dentist. This is from a period of poor dental hygiene from depression and also bad genetics/poor diet.

Do any of you suffer from soft teeth or just bad teeth in general? How do you cope/treat your teeth? What has been done to your teeth? I'm terrified I'll need dentures or all my teeth will fall out. I'm only 27 :(

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i just saw a judge to grant a temporary restraining order against my ex, which he did.</p>

the domestic violence counselor helped me fill out the request for protection from abuse. under relationship, she checked roommates and commonlaw marriage.

the judge said the common law marriage part can cause some problems.

why is this?


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It's Friday tqc! We're all coming over to YOUR PLACE to hang out all night - be there in 20 minutes with food and drinks.

How's it look right now, are you going to do any last minute cleaning for us? What would you clean first? What's just gonna be a mess?
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job question

How would you reapply to a job you left 3 months ago in this situation:

I am reapplying because management has changed. The old management begged me to stay but I left anyway. The old management was let go a couple weeks ago. Today I emailed a former co-worker to see if they were currently hiring and to ask where to send an updated resume. She seemed really happy to hear from me. I know the new boss but I only worked with him for 3 weeks. (he also quit around the time I did and was taken back, became assistant manager and then manager but he has more experience in the field than I do)

It is a small company.

Should I re-apply as a new applicant would or mention that I worked there for 14 months just 3 months ago? It will be in my resume, obviously but I'm talking about the actual email he will read before he opens it.

I was a top employee (they wouldn't have to retrain me and the new boss would possibly recognize my name)

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What drama have you had in your life recently, TQC?

I just filed my taxes and was able to confirm that two years ago my taxes were done incorrectly. In September of that same year (2012) the Government audited me and said "actually, you were suppose to get $1000, not $51!" The accountant told me to check my bank records in September of 2012 to see if I cashed a cheque (that the Government would have sent me to make up the difference)-which I checked to no avail. So now I have to go tell this other company that they did it wrong. I hate confrontation AND I have to wait until Monday to be able to do it.

What happy things have happened in your life lately?

I have a weekend off ahead of me and a bunch of yarn to make something for myself!

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does anyone here know anything about cars? all of a sudden tonight, my check engine light flashed a few times then turned on, and my car started vibrating badly when idling. it's not as bad when I'm moving or in neutral, but trying to drive up hills was much more difficult.

I have a 2011 hyundai accent if it helps.

any insight?

edit: thanks all for your insight! I got it tested today to see why the check engine light was on. apparently one of my cylinders is misfiring. Luckily my car is still eligible for Hyundai's bumper to bumper warranty, hooray!
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Is it weird/rude to borrow someone's graduation gown? One of my friends graduated from my college a few years ago and I was thinking about asking her if I could borrow her gown and save myself the $42.