March 5th, 2014

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My friend and I were going to go to New Orleans next weekend but the hotel chain we work at couldn't give us a room at our employee discount, so we're going to Dallas instead.

If you've visited the Dallas-Fort Worth area, what are some fun things to do/see?

If you're from the DFW area, can you list some of your favourite local things?

I was really looking forward to eating a bunch of seafood in NOLA, so what are some good restaurants to get fresh, tasty sea critters?
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So I've just been offered a job (yay!!). Downside(?): it doesn't start for another two to three months. I have a casual job (mostly weekends) in the industry, where I get to practice/experience things/keep my skills sharpish, and a sporadic gig volunteering whenever I feel like it in a semi-related field (neither of these are huge commitments, the job is pretty flexible about giving me time off whenever). I graduated a few months ago and I've basically been hanging around and having various adventures, but now I know that I will for sure have another few months off. I have some money saved up.

TQC, what would you do if you suddenly had two or three months of free time? Is there anything you would love to achieve/do if you only had the time? What should I do with my life?

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You badly have to poop. You run into a public restroom, which has only one stall. There's no seat covers, so you hover and do your business. RELIEF. Now, as you complete your dump, you notice there's no toilet paper. And as stated earlier, no seat covers. What do you do?

Forgo wiping. Make it a point to do so later
Pull pants up and waddle to the sink, where the paper towels are, grab a few, and go back to the stall to finish up
Take off sock. Wipe with that
Remove underwear. Wipe with that
Reach inside purse for tissues. Use those

You're walking to your car late at night. You're about 3 cars away, when you hear a growl. It's a midsize dog, no collar, growling at you. It's body looks tense, teeth bared. What do you do?

I love dogs! I quickly move over towards it, hand extended and try and pet it
Back away slowly. Hopefully, I can backpedal peacefully, and find a new route to my car
Same as above, but with head bowed. No eye contact made
Make strong eye contact. Dog will respect you more
Reach into my purse for pepper spray
Get on all fours, make a soothing voice, and in a humble way, try and approach the dog long enough to let him know that I'm no threat
Stand up tall and straight, and make a loud roar. I'm sure if the dog feels that I'm a large threat, it'll run away
Play dead. It works on bears, doesn't it?
Pick up a stick and throw it. Dog will run and chase it, right?

You're at a bar. A man walks in, announces loudly that he was acquitted of beating his wife because there was a general lack of evidence. 'Don't you love our legal system, he says. Drinks are on me! I'm going to pay her a visit after I get my booze on'. You take your free drink and grumble. About 20 minutes later, you're making your way to the bathroom when you see the man sittin at his table, choking on a chicken wing. His face is turning blue. The music is loud and the lights dim, and no one else is aware of his plight. What do you do?

Go to the bartender and tell him what's going on. Let him deal with it
Make a loud announcement that there's a man who needs assistance. Maybe a Good Samaritan will step up
Run over and give him the Heimlich myself
Keep walking to the restroom. Karma's a bitch, isn't it

For shits and giggles, you and your SO make cheat lists. A list of 5 celebrities you're allowed to have sex with, and it's permittable. What are the odds, right? Well, the two of you are at a bar one night, and #3 on your list is there! And pretty drunk. He/she approaches you, puts a hand around your waist and asks if you'd like to come back to their apartment, how he/she is dying to test out this new mattress. You look at your SO, and your SO looks at you. He/she looks slightly pained, but says, a deal's a deal. Go have fun and I'll see you tomorrow. What do you do?

Go off with the celebrity for naughty times
Thank the celebrity, tell him/her that you're flattered, but you're in a relationship and will not cheat
Try and work a threesome in

Same as above. You and your mate have the cheat list, except this time, the #3 person on your SO's list is there and asks your SO to come back to his/her place, and a wink-wink. Your SO looks at you and you look at your SO. What do you do?

'A deal's a deal. Have fun.' I stay at the bar and get shit-faced drunk, depressed
'A deal's a deal. Have fun.' I go home unworried, knowing that my SO will see me later and give me all the juicy deetz
Stand up to the celebrity, and introduce yourself as your SO's boyfriend/girlfriend, and that the celebrity can go to hell
Same as above, but in a nicer, more diplomatic way
Try and work a threesome
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Interview question again:
For this job in NoVa (3.5 hours from where I live), I've already participated in a phone screening and a phone interview. The phone interview was to take the place of the in-person interview since I live so far away and my work schedule would not allow me to travel at that time. I had the phone interview on Friday. Today, I got an E-mail from the recruiter asking if I could meet for an in-person interview at some point, so I said I could go up Sunday. It's going to be at a Panera Bread, not at the office like I expected, and it'll be for lunch.

So what should I expect from this interview? Of course I know to still dress up, but I've never been on a lunch interview before. I wasn't aware that there would be two interviews (after my first interview they said "ok we'll be in touch," I assumed to let me know if I got the position or not). I have anxiety about food, so eating in front of people I don't know, especially at a place like Panera where I don't typically eat and I'm not familiar with the menu, kills my nerves. I already have plans to look up the menu beforehand and pick what I'm going to order. Any other tips for not making a fool of myself? I'm nervous =/

Amnesty International

I have been asked to raise money for Amnesty International.

Although I will get an income in return, I have heard a lot of criticisms of this group, as well as good, charitable work. I'm iffy of foreign aid, so...

What do you all know about this organization? Can you vouch for any of the rumored criticism? Or of its amazing, world-changing work?
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hiiii tqc. i haven't posted here in awhile but i have a dilemma on my hands.

i've decided i want to break up with my boyfriend. he's in jail, has been off/on since i met him. he's been in jail since dec 3rd of 2013. he's probably gonna get 1-3 years but he hasn't been to court yet (it's on the 7th)

i'm only 19 and i don't think i want to wait around that long anymore, but he doesn't know that yet. i don't know how to tell him. he has visitations twice a week and i can write him, but i feel like writing him would be shitty.

things that are important to know: he has a temper (not violent) and he's emotional, i'm his only friend now (he had plenty but blahblah drama), he has family but they're kinda in/out of his life, he's had an extremely troubled life (bad/abusive parents) and we've always talked about our future and i thought he was the one, but i'm finding myself extremely doubting that.

i know 100% that this is what i want to do, but i'm very non-confrontational and i don't want to hurt him because he's one of the best friends i've ever had. what do i doooooo :-(

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So I have managed to come down with laryngitis. I have only had it once before, which was two months ago. Last time it lasted about a week and I had to whisper constantly. I didn't have much to do so it wasn't a huge deal. This time around, I have a conference on Saturday and a job interview Monday. I NEED to have a voice for these. Especially the job interview.

I've been drinking large amounts of water/tea and gargling with salt and water. Any other tips that have worked for you? I haven't totally lost my voice yet, so I am trying to conserve it. However it has been getting worse throughout the day.

Dk/Dc: What was the last annoyance in your life?