March 4th, 2014


It takes a good man with a gun.

RESOLVED: There will always be a bad man with a gun. The only path to security is to surround yourself with good men with guns. The best citizens are the ones who carry guns and are willing to use them to protect themselves and others from the bad men.

On the world stage, the United States should be that Good Man With A Gun, but is too morally weak to use the gun it has.

What say you?



I'm going to be in Chicago for a work conference in May. I'm going a few days early and bringing my SO with me, who's never been to Chicago. I plan on taking us to the Shedd, Museum of Science and Industry, Field museum, and the Art Institute.

How much time would you budget for each?

incredibly preliminary schedule:
Wednesday: arrive late afternoon, check into hotel, get dinner
Thursday: get to shedd at 9am for opening, see stuff. get lunch somewhere. go to art institute (close at 8pm)
Friday: all day work stuff, concert at night
Saturday: be at Science & Industry at 9:30am for open, see stuff. get lunch somewhere. go to Field museum (close at 5pm)

Is this too rushed so we wont be able to enjoy things? My biggest concern is doing S&I and Field in the same day, especially on a Saturday when it will presumably be busy.

Are they any places in downtown/near these places that i absolutely MUST take my SO to for dinner?

Any other attractions i MUST take my SO to and see? we will not have a car, and i want to keep the taxis to a minimum.

dk/dc/never been to chicago: whats the best souvenir you have brought back from a vacation?
mother and child

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Is there a female equivalent to "nice guy syndrome?"

I find myself being increasingly irritated by the phrase, "good woman," and I can't explain exactly why.

I think it's because it vaguely reminds me of the phrase, "nice guy," insofar as if a woman claims when recanting her relationship woes, "I don't understand why he dumped me, I'm such a good woman!"

Is it the same, or not? Is there a "nice guy" syndrome when it comes to women?

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If a friend of yours who is usually very chatty and cheerful has been much quieter than usual the last few days, to the point where people are commenting on it, do you ask them what's up, or leave them alone?

DK/DC: what's the last thing you made? Show pictures if you have 'em.
Glenn and Maggie

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Have you ever had a mid-degree crisis?

Would you share your experience of how it turned out?

I'm currently questioning myself regarding what I want to do next year. I want to take some time off from my degree and spend a semester getting a unit clerk certificate, but I don't wait to waste precious time and money for nothing. I'm quite frightened, actually.

DK/DC: What is the craziest thing you have done with your hair? Pictures?