March 3rd, 2014

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1) Out of "Ride Along", "Non-stop", "3 Days to Kill" and "Lone Survivor," which, if any, would you be most likely to see?

2) What's the last stupid thing you did? Recently I accidentally set a reminder alert on my phone for 4 a.m. instead of 4 p.m. and I got woken up early this morning.

What would you do?

Temperature on my car dashboard showed -2F. National Weather Service has a Wind Chill Warning posted with predicted -15 to -30 wind chills. My kid asked if I would drive him to the school bus stop and let him wait in the car until the bus came. I did that.

Other kids arrived. Bus stop is for the Middle School and the High School, so the students at the bus stop are in grades 7 through 12, call it ages 12 and up. One student walks up to the bus stop wearing a tee-shirt. Short sleeves, no hat, no gloves. What should I have done about it?


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I'm meeting a lawyer wednesday then going to court friday to hopefully get an order for protection from abuse against my ex.


I'm nervous and almost want to drop it. He's been in jail., will he be at court?


Should I show my lawyer photos of bruises and weapons he has caused or had? Police reports for drugs in my house or domestic violence ?

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Lets say a person is incarcerated in prison for a felony offense. The person is a committed vegan or vegetarian, though for non-religious reasons. In your opinion does the prison have an obligation to comply with the prisoner's diet by serving them meat/animal product free meals?

Yes, a prisoner still has the right to eat in keeping with their ethical choices/views.
Yes, but only if it does not cause undue burden for the prison.
Yes, to vegetarian meals, No to vegan meals - too much/unneccessary
Depends on the reason the prisoner is in prison
No, the prison should not have to make special efforts/prisoner should fend for themselves if they want to be vegan/vegetarian
No, prisoners have no right to be picky in prison
Other - Explain in Comments

If a vegan/vegetarian prisoner was denied meals appropriate to his diet, which of these measures would you generally feel are appropriate for them to pursue?

Letter writing campaign to prison officials/politicians etc
Trying to take their plight to the news media
Lying and pretending to convert to a religious faith that espouses vegetarianism so as to get the meals as part of 'freedom of religion' rules
Hunger Strike until they are served vegan/vegetarian meals
Calling on PETA or similar groups to lobby/make a ruckus on their behalf
Stealing/black market/other shady prison activity to get food they can eat
Trying to incite a riot against prison kitchens/authorities over the issue

"American Icons"

My husband and I need to come up with "American Icon" themed costumes for Friday evening. They have to be cheap and easy to put together with stuff in our closets/stuff from a thrift store. I've got very very basic sewing skills. A couple costume would be awesome but isn't necessary.

I have long red hair, he's got black Harry Potter hair and a goatee. We're both a bit chubby so I don't think I could pull off Jessica Rabbit. :-) We LOVE dressing up but usually do Renaissance.

The party's in DC so presidents will probably be pretty well-represented. I'd really like something unique.

Some couple ideas we've had:
Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill
Lindbergh and Earhart
Rhett and Scarlett (really don't think I can pull that off in just a couple of days though)

Some individual ideas for me:
Lucille Ball
Rosie the Riveter (probably will be a lot of them there....)

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