March 2nd, 2014


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What are some of your favourite names for girls/boys/pets/anything?

Have you ever met someone you didn't like or came to dislike them and thus dislike their name?

I knew a girl who said she would never name her child ______ because she used to know a girl with the same name who teased her throughout school.

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What are your opinions on wearing jeans for a college presentation?

I have a presentation tomorrow as a final project for a class, and I don't really have much professional clothing. (I should look into that, I know.) I do have dark colored skinny jeans, some nicer blouses, and boots. Do you think that would be appropriate? Any other suggestions?
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What's your favorite rescue?

In reference to ships_sail's recent post about maybe getting a cat or two, do you have a favorite animal or breed rescue you refer people to? Do you have one you've volunteered for? Have you ever adopted an animal from a breed rescue? Would you do it again?

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ETA: would you post a link to your favorite rescue? You might help bring a person and a pet together!
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Another company has shared technology with my company under a non-disclosure agreement. The technology they shared demonstrates total incompetence on their part. I could dramatically improve the value of their product by fixing the mess they've made.

I thought about asking my boss to propose this to the other company, but it wouldn't really be in my company's best interest to do it. It wouldn't gain us anything because I've already spent the time to create our own workarounds for the deficiencies of the product. It would just make things easier for any competitor of ours who might also use the product.

I also thought about approaching the other company privately. I don't think this would violate my non-compete agreement, which only prohibits me from seeking employment in a very specific industry. But would this be ethical? I'm a salaried employee, so I feel like if I have any labor to spare, I owe it to my current employer.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? What did/would you do?

TL;DR/DK/DC: What would you do with six egg whites if you used the yolks in something else?

Two questions.

Women who have PIV sex with men: do you physically feel it when your partner comes?

People in (happy) long term relationships: what do you think makes your relationship successful?