February 27th, 2014

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When a person calls a local manufacturing company and presses whatever number for accounting, my phone rings.
It used to be sporadic, just once a month or so.
I called the company and notified them and hadn't heard anything for a while, so I thought it was fixed.

It has gotten alot worse now.
I am getting phone calls several times a week now.
If I am unable to answer my phone, they leave a voicemail (not realizing that they have not reached the company's accountant) telling me that there has been unpaid invoices since november and the company needs to pay them a minimum of $10,000 to continue doing business with the company calling about the invoice.

I called again, but I think I am just getting a shop worker who couldn't care less about it.

What should I do!?

the website has one phone number (which I called and got no where), and email address for submitting manufacturing requests, and an address.

Should I email them, hoping to get a management position, or should I show up at their place of business?

I think I would like to show up at their business and not leave until they resolve it, however, I don't think its a store front style of shop.
I think its just a big workshop/building and there will be no place for the customer to be without compromising safety.

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I'm working on a presentation to a bunch of college kids next week about my work at an airplane company - I was going to open with this story about my coworkers getting lulz telling me they'd be depressurizeing at cruise altitude on a test flight I was going on, ha ha

But in the presentation - someone said average college students might not know what "depressurization" implies. too technical. is that a concern?

What feels like the worst position to be put in..

Hi everyone. Without getting too into detail, suppose your close friend's boyfriend hits on you, to the point of extreme discomfort. History has shown that said friend typically sides with boyfriend. Do you tell said friend?  To add to the issue, this is a live in boyfriend with her whole family. So it would become a huge thing. Which I hate.

My hesitation is that she may not care, stay with him, making it uncomfortable. But if I don't tell, I'll have that uncomfortable feeling regardless, and the possibility of him continuing.

Have you even been in this situation? How did that play out?
Would you want to know?

Any advice or wisdom is appreciated. Thanks!

Porn preference

You have to watch porn. There's no way to get out of it. But you can choose the kind of porn you watch, as in, what players. Which of these would you pick?

1 guy, 1 girl
2 guys
2 girls
2 guys, 1 girl
2 girls, 1 guy
2 girls, 2 guys
3 girls
3 guys
2 furries (indeterminate genders)
1 pony and either guy/girl

Ok, now that you got the stars of the porn you plan on watching, tell me what else you'd want to see besides the sex?

Some spanking
Heavier than spanking. I'm thinking riding crop
Light bondage. Scarves
Heavy bondage. Restraints
Sex toys
Role playing
A plot. In order to get me to get into them humping, I need some back story, what leads to them boinking
Kissing. Give me the illusion of intimacy
Foreplay for all participants
More focus on the female/s during the session
More focus on the male/s during the session
Lack of cheesy sex music, like jazzy sax
Money shot. I want to see squirtage
Honestly, I prefer it simple. None of the above. Just the sex

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I get paid every other Thursday and my checks are direct deposited.  Sometimes the money show up in my bank account late Wednesday night but it never fails that it's always in there and cleared by Thursday mornings.  Today, my paycheck has been pending all day and still had not cleared by the close of the bank's hours.  Has something like this ever happened to you?  Do you think it's just a fluke, or an error with my check?  

Unrelated questions are unrelated

Has anyone here ever worked as a virtual assistant? Or currently work as one? How'd you like it?

Do you ever feel excited/nervous/anxious to the point of getting physically sick (nauseated/throwing up)? Have you found anything that helps?

Women: have any of you experienced withdrawal symptoms from going off birth control?
Chandler & The Drill

Irritating Songs

Is there a song, or a piece of music, that you'd like to never hear again, or even erase from existence? Preferably something other than Nickelback btw, otherwise this will be repetition central.

If you pick a "classical" (not being an arse, just differentiating from contemporary) piece, you only get one movement. ETA: Oh sod it, you can have a whole piece if you want.

My pick is Edwyn Collins "Girl Like You". What an amazing example of how to drone a song into utter, complete and total tedium. And yet it seems to be a radio staple.