February 25th, 2014


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I have been unemployed for almost two months now and it has been pretty rough. I graduated from school in May and I had a job at Disney until January. I was so used to always being busy, and now I just obsess over job applications, looking at my past job applications, and sitting on my couch all day. I've had a few interviews, but no jobs yet.

My question is- how do I keep myself motivated? Any applying for job tips? The most frustrating thing is never even hearing back from the places I have applied at. I would rather just get a rejection.

gaming headsets

Hi gamers of TQC!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good gaming headset? I've been reading reviews and such but wanted to check here and see if anyone had some first-hand suggestions. I'm a pc gamer and I'd like a wireless one. Is Astro really the best or just the most expensive?

Thanks! :)
janine grace manewitz

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Why do so many strangers in the Tenderloin (crappy neighborhood in San Francisco) feel the need to say "Hi", "What's up?" or "Howya doin'?" or other random greetings to me?

Does this happen to you wherever you live? Why do they do it? Do you answer?

I just ignore them. I am from NY where strangers usually don't talk to each other or make eye contact. I find people here who try to make eye contact with me unnerving.

DK/DC: How do you deal with strangers where you live?
clockwork heart

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I am running for Welfare Officer for my student union and I need to write a 400-word manifesto and come up with a campaign slogan. I've never written either of these things before and am struggling. What should I write? Any good ideas for slogans?

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You are forced to attend a three hour lecture/presentation in a packed room, and you MUST sit through the whole thing. Which of these presenters/topics would you be most willing to listen to?

Scientologist doing Scientology recruiting/info session
Eugenicist speaking about why eugenics is still relevant/important to society today.
Open forum discussion on the power/benefits of 'sexual healing'
Extreme survivalists speaking about what you need to do to prepare for the coming downfall of civilization
A retired general speaking about how awesome the military is and all that they've accomplished in the last few decades
Militant animal rights activists holding education session about ways in which you participate in animal cruelty every day
Freebirth activist advocating for the benefits of unattended home childbirth
Religious/spirtual leader type speaker advocating for commitment to celibacy/chastity
Lecture discussing the 'strong link' between vaccinations and autism
Historian speaking about the proud history of the succesionist/states rights movement in the US
Retired police officer talking about how to say No! to drugs; most of the audience are teenagers.
Health nut speaking about the many benefits of adopting an all raw, macrobiotic diet
Presentation consisting of several speeches given by political leaders from small/statistically insignificant far-left communist/socialist party
Timeshare company talking about why you should invest in vacation timeshare deal they are offering.
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How do you fix your sleep schedule when it gets out of whack?

I've been off work since January, and my days and nights have basically reversed themselves. I have a sleep disorder to begin with, so a 2am bedtime is not unusual. But I have found lately that it's become more like 6 or 7am and sleeping until 1 or 2pm.

Problem is, I go back to work on Monday, and I'm starting at 7am. Which means I have to get up at 530. I have a feeling this is going to be a huge problem.

I should also add here that I am not having trouble getting tired...the problem is that once I shut down for the night, I have flashbacks of a traumatic event. So far I have tried 'quiet time', music, tea, trying to visualize something positive so I don't end up in the flashback, medication (both OTC and doctor prescribed), alcohol, and pulling an all-nighter so that I drop from exhaustion at a more 'normal' time. Nothing has worked.

How can I get back to my 'normal'? Any tips for putting the flashbacks at bay?