February 24th, 2014

bruce disapproves


So background: I have a SO who is really not a morning person. It seems as though the very act of getting out of bed is painful to him. I'm understanding and I try not to be a bother in the morning. But I AM a morning person. I mean, I'm not a get out of bed singing type of person. I like having a nice quiet morning and getting "in my zone" for the day. Lately every morning has been extremely overshadowed by his negativity. He moans and whines like he's being prodded with a hot poker and it really really REALLY has been getting to me, totally throwing off my morning zen and generally spoiling my mornings for me.

My question: Would it be wrong of me to ask him to tone down the negativity in the morning or am I being selfish about not wanting him to ruin my mood in the morning?

DK/DC: What did you have for breakfast today?

(I had raisin bran)
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Has anyone ever had Ethiopian food?  I'm going to a dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant this week and as i've never had it, I don't know what to expect really. Is it generally spicy?

What is your favorite cuisine?  Any you don't really care for?
my colourful eyeball

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is it common for auto mechanics and other repair service men to break something else on whatever it is you're fixing when they fix the thing you went to them for? (in an attempt to get more work out of it)

has it happened to you? if so, what did you do about it?

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Does anyone do dog agility? Any tips?

I recently started taking my dog to agility classes, and I'm already super excited. We built weave poles for him, and bought a little tunnel and chute. Once the weather dries up, I'm gonna do my best to convince my parents to set up a mini course in the backyard.

Anyone do any sort of trained animal sport?
Glenn and Maggie

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TQC, what TV show should I watch next on Netflix?
I have watched Dexter, Weeds, Orange is the new Black, Californication, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?
What is a movie you can watch over and over again?

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about two weeks ago (on the 7th) I got a voice mail from somebody in the HR dept. of a place I applied for a job to wanting to talk to me about my application. The problem is, I haven't been able to reach them. Whenever I call the woman back it goes to her voice mail, I've left a message for her but she hasn't called back. I've also emailed the HR dept. but nothing. Should I just wait, keep calling (not constantly leaving voice mails every time obviously) or should I try going over HRs head and contacting the dept. vice president (I couldn't find information on anybody lower in the dept. like a manager) ? Any other ideas/advice?
Larkin Skull

Sensory Memories

I recently realised today that the taste of Haribo sweets (such as Star Mix and Goldbears) triggers my memories of reading 'House of Leaves' (by Mark Z. Danielewski), particularly one memory of reading it on the bus one warm day on June 21st 2013. The taste also inspires me to just drop everything and read it. Considering the hold that book has on me, the fear it gave and still gives me when seeing certain words or struck with certain ideas or sensations, it's not something that surprises me. As a huge reader, I don't think I'm ready to say that this is bad for me, as bad as it probably is, to be trapped by that obsession at any moment.

So, my question today is: Is there a particular taste, or smell (or any other of the five senses) that triggers a particular memory? What memory is it, and how is it special to you? Do you consider this a good thing, or a bad thing?


What do you plan to read next? What are you reading now?
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