February 22nd, 2014

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Can you help me figure out what movie it is I'm thinking of?

This is probably gonna be really vague. There's like... a machine (I feel like it may be kind of like a loom?) in a big room that prints out scripts or something that decide that someone is supposed to die or something is supposed to happen? The decisions are like passed down from some higher up deciding group or something.. And someone finds out about it and it turns out in the end that one dude who was supposed to carry out the scripts was messing with stuff so he could be the person who decides who dies and stuff?

Haha sorry if that made no sense, my memory for movies is terrible and I often blend multiple movies together as one plot lol.

Am I being let go at my job?

Please help TQC!

I work in a restaurant as a waitress. It's a crappy job but it got me back on my feet and functioning again after a long battle with depression. I've only been working there for around four months. Anyway, my manager just called me there before I was due to go to work saying that they were making cuts for around 20 of the staff and that I didn't need to come in and that I'm "going on holiday". I was like what?? I don't understand what this means. I thought, is this his way of letting me go? He then said, he is putting today down as a holiday for me so I will still get paid (didn't think this was even possible as my work uses a clock in system and doesn't make much sense if he is talking about making cuts?!) and then said that I've still to come in for my shift tomorrow. I suffer from really bad anxiety, so I'm sick with nerves at the moment. Well I guess this experience- whether I get let go or not- is a wake up call... I depend way too much on this job! Need more things in my life, arrgh. So what do you think my manager meant, am I being let go? He did mention the word "cuts"!!

DK/DC - Why did you leave your last job?


Let's say you live in a culture where tipping is expected in certain scenarios. Now, let's say that overnight those expectations are removed completely; you are now free not to tip in those same scenarios. The tip recipient still appreciates the tip, but does not experience any negative reaction towards not receiving one. Those not involved in the transaction pass absolutely zero judgement one way or the other.

1. Who would you continue to tip, and why?
2. Who would you finally say "thank god I don't have to tip any more" and stop? And why?
3. Who do you already not tip for, but now you don't have to feel judged about it? Why don't you tip them now?

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Hey TQC,

I recently bought some dark chocolate infused with lapsang souchong, so it has a smoky taste like the tea. The chocolate is in the form of wafers so it can be easily melted, broken into chunks, whatever. It's good to just eat as is, too, but I was hoping to find some creative things to do with it.

Can you make some yummy suggestions for me?

DK/DC: Have you tried chocolate infused with different flavors? What are some flavors you like? Any you tried that were really bad?