February 21st, 2014

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are there commercials that offend you? which ones? have you seen the new dove deoderant commercial? ah it bothers me so much! last year stephen colbert was talking about dove's study about what parts of women's body are they self conscious about, and they found out its our arm pits, and so now dove is making a 'beautifying deoderant' and he said that dove is owned by the same people who own ben and jerry's and if they want to profit off of some bs product to "help" our armpits, we might as well just use their ice cream, and he had people put ice cream in some models' armpits

i rejoined twitter so i could bitch at companies about their crappy commercials lol
idk, i don't think i get offended easily but advertising really gets me sometimes. and now i feel like purposely never buying any dove products.

Answer truthfully what you'd probably do. This is a poll about confrontation

In this scenario, you have neighbors who are a couple of frat boys. Once a month they throw a party. One week, the very day after the garbage is collected from your street, you're taking out the garbage, and you notice that your trash cans are filled to the brim with garbage that isn't yours. It's broken bottles, pizza boxes, the interior of a pillow, microwave food boxes. There's absolutely no more room in your trash cans, and you still have another week before the garbage gets picked up, and you have all your own garbage to put somewhere. What do you do?

I put the bags in my car. I'll drop them off in the garbage cans at work
I dump the contents of the garbage cans in front of the frat boys' door. I'm sure they were the perpetrators
Bring the garbage bags I'm carrying back into the house. Make it a point to lower my carbon footprint the next week so as not to contribute to more garbage.Throw it out next week
Know on frat neighbors' door and demand they take their junk out of your garbage cans
Just drop off my garbage bags in their trash cans
Call the police

Edit: KNOCK on their door
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In Trivial Pursuit, when asked a question you've been asked before (from a prior game), is it fair to go ahead and answer it in order to advance? What if it's for a pie piece??

My husband says no, that it's cheating.

I say it's perfectly fair. Some things I learn from school or TV or life. Some things I learn from Trivial Pursuit. It's not my fault the only reason I know scientists give guinea pigs birth control in order to decrease their population is because I got asked about it during our game last week.
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How much would you tip for a 4-5 hour tattoo session that is costing $500-600?

And on an entirely unrelated note; I have been wanting to talk to my boyfriend for a while about having an open relationship, but I don't want to hurt his feelings or make him feel like there is something wrong with him.

Does anyone have experience with open relationships they can share?
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Priorities at a doctor's appointment

I managed to get a doctor's appointment for next week, primarily to get more PPI tablets for my stomach. There are a few other things I need to talk to him about though.

Unfortunately, the way my GP's surgery works is that you can have an appointment for one issue at a time, and you've got to fit it into ten minutes unless booked otherwise. And I'm not sure which of my problems I should address in this visit, and which I should try to book another appointment for.

It's a rather oversubscribed surgery, so there's at least a two-week wait for appointments usually, hence me trying to figure out the priority. This is the first time since before Christmas when the receptionist has even had a slot available to put me into.

The issues:
1) Infrequent chest pains: these happen usually when I move after having been sat down. Stabbing pain about halfway down the left side of my chest, that leave me short of breath and unable to move until it passes.
2) Increasingly common dizzy spells: these used to be rare, but recently I've been getting two or three a day. One almost had me tumbling down the stairs this morning. They usually happen when I move from laying down to sitting up, or sitting to standing. I cannot go straight from laying down to standing without guaranteeing a dizzy spell.
3) Collarbone: I was a front-seat passenger in a car accident a few months back, and my left collarbone took the brunt of the seatbelt's stopping power. I felt fine then, due to the adrenaline of the incident and the belligerence of the at-fault driver (for one, he refused to give any details and tried to snatch the notebook in which we wrote down his licence plate number), but ever since then I've had sharp pains about halfway along my collarbone, right where the seatbelt was resting. I can't feel anything moving/out of place (I'd compare it to my right collarbone, but that is abnormal due to a badly-healed fracture), but the pain is a bit worrying.
4) Insomnia/sleeping issues: most nights I barely get any sleep. I've been getting about three hours a night for months now, and OTC sleep aids aren't helping. I find myself dropping off in the middle of the day, taking catnaps on the sofa, and even snoozing on the bus on my way home sometimes.
5) Mental issues: the last time I tried to bring these up, the doctor dismissed it as "just hormones" and "not a priority unless you're a danger to yourself or others". If it's the same doctor again, I'm not even going to bother with this one. The shit in my head has been there for years now, it can stay there a bit longer.

I know the chest pains and dizzy spells are more worrying than the rest of the stuff, but I really don't know which comes higher in the list of "this is bad get it seen to now" priorities.
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wine talk

After a couple of drinks, do you start repeating yourself, like forgetting you already told a story to someone or asking them the same question a few times over the course of one evening?

I don't think I do this, but I just had dinner with a friend and she did (I didn't have a drink). It freaked me out a little.